In a classic illustration of fear porn, the Royal Australian Air Force shut down airspace over an air force base to test fire a “high-powered” single-shot .50 caliber rifle.  That’s right: a single-shot rifle.  When it comes to firearms, it’s all about sensationalism in service to civilian disarmament to help convince the public to surrender guns that are seldom, if ever, used in crime.

Those living in the free states here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave just giggle at such an absurd reaction to a discharging a single-shot rifle. Then again, the bed-wetting bureaucrats in Oz succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

They even had those present wear face diapers — outdoors — because COVID infections apparently skyrocket in the presence of such wickedly powerful boomsticks. And the Australian media ate it all up like the bed-wetters they are.


From the West Australian . . .

The Australian Defence Force was forced to restrict air space at RAAF Base Pearce as a high-powered 0.50 calibre sniper rifle was fired during a demonstration to promote new gun laws.

Premier Mark McGowan, then-police commissioner Chris Dawson and Police Minister Paul Papalia attended the media event at the WA Rifle Association’s firing range in Pinjar in March last year to illustrate why the high-powered weapons needed to be taken off the streets.

If this kind of piddle themselves fear Aussie officials feel over firing a single-shot, bolt action rifle permeates the rest of their society, the Communist Chinese Party could likely pull off a successful invasion of Australia by sending in the People’s Liberation Army marching band. Sad!

One thought on “Australians shut down airspace over Air Force Base to test-fire .50 cal rifle to scare populace”
  1. The powers that be down under. Exhibiting less than common sense. When I served at Aberdeen Proving Ground. We heard cannon and rocket fire all the time. Once we knew they weren’t aiming at us. We may have not gotten used to it. But we were definitely not scared.

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