Kwame wants the Illinois General Assembly to pass a new law to allow him to file nuisance lawsuits against the firearms industry.  What for? 

For things like, “sales and marketing practices that are dangerous and harmful to the public.”

Oh, that’s not open-ended and completely subjective.

Or how about this?

“That unlawfully advertise in a manner appealing to children…”  Because heaven forbid that a firearm maker advertise towards younger shooters!

Or this one:  “sales or marketing practices that encourage unlawful militia activity.”


“In Illinois, I am initiating the Firearms Industry Responsibility Act, which I urge members of the General Assembly to support. The Firearms Industry Responsibility Act, or FIRA, will make clear that the Attorney General’s office can use Illinois’ Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act to take enforcement action against firearms dealers and manufacturers that engage in dangerous sales and marketing practices. We are talking about sales and marketing practices that are dangerous and harmful to the public, that unlawfully advertise in a manner appealing to children, or that encourage unlawful militia activity. FIRA would amend the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act to clarify that such actions are violations of the law for which our office can seek monetary and injunctive relief.
“The Attorney General’s office regularly uses the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act to hold businesses and individuals accountable for unfair and unlawful conduct that defrauds or misleads the people of Illinois. We have successfully used the law to establish industry-wide reforms, and hold opioid and e-cigarette manufacturers accountable for unlawful practices that have jeopardized the health and wellness of Illinois residents and their children. I am calling on the Legislature to pass the Firearms Industry Responsibility Act to clarify that our office can use that same authority to protect Illinois residents from the trauma of gun violence.”
6 thoughts on “Kwame wants ‘Firearm Industry Responsibility Act’”
  1. Sorry Kwame the Clown. I suggest you do some of that lawyer crap, and read up on the PLCAA. Here’s a helpful start for you.

    When you are done with that little piece of bedtime reading, I suggest you check out how a Federal judge overturned a 20 year old law in California today limiting what guns can be sold there based upon safety features on strictly 2A grounds. The ruling strikes at the very heart of the Illinois gun ban based on firearms characteristics. Enjoy, Klown.

    1. I forgot to mention that the item they have used to prevent sale of pretty much any new handgun design for the past couple of decades in CA is microstamping. This has been thoroughly dismissed as being nothing but fantasy and completely unworkable, but its the lever CA has used to interfere with handgun sales. It also went down to flaming defeat today.

  2. Commie the stooge is really trying extra hard to be Soros’s favorite puppet. Let’s sit and laugh as he fails again and again.

  3. How about charging Ford, GM, Toyota, for vehicles used in crimes? Maybe we should charge auto dealers who sold cars that were used to carjack another vehicle! Makes just as much (non)sense.

  4. When you no longer go after the real criminals. And only want to increase your power and control over law abiding citizens and companies. Tyranny much?

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