There’s a lot of coverage in the last couple of days about Governor Pritzker and his big donations to Democrats running for the Illinois Supreme Court.

Moms at Arms broke this wide open with their research;

Conflict of interest with IL Supreme Court and gun ban ruling appeal (Caulkins case)?

Only in fictional Gotham City could something so blatant be possible, but it’s not, it’s the state of Illinois LOL! On Friday, a state level lawsuit challenging the newly enacted “assault weapons” ban was decided. The ban was ruled unconstitutional for violating state law (not on 2A grounds). Almost immediately after the ruling came out, this happened:

As you can see, named as first defendant is Governor Jay Robert Pritzker, who signed the gun ban into law. The Illinois Supreme Court now has to decide on whether to grant or deny the appeal. This is where it gets funny (as in “my goodness how much of a clown show can this turn in to).

In 2022, there were 2 contested (meaning challenged) IL Supreme Court seats. The Governor’s personal trust bankrolled the two now-seated victorious Democrats. It was a scandal at the time as well.

Image via Mom At Arms.

There’s a LOT more there…  go read it.

Here are the two justices in question:

Judge Rochford
Judge O’Brien.

Greg Bishop talked about it this morning.


The guy at Washington Gun Law usually does Washington-related gun law, but he’s covered Illinois a few times in the last month.  Why?  Because he says the same thing I’ve said at TTAG:  Stuff that happens in deep blue states like Illinois tend to appear in other jurisdictions sooner or later.

Here are a few:

When a State Government Despises All Of Its Citizens.    • When a State Gove…   When Your Governor Gets Rejected by the Courts.    • When Your Governo…   When All the Sheriffs Turn On Your Governor Over Gun Control.    • When All the Sher…   Illinois: A State Hellbent on Disarming Its Citizens.    • Illinois, A State…  

Here’s his video:



9 thoughts on “Pritzker’s buying IL Supreme Court seats getting coverage… especially with gun ban lawsuits in court”
  1. Well, I have called everybody involved! If these two librartard ❄️ don’t recuse themselves: we can file ethics charges!

    Jim Sodo Gardner

  2. Why should you be worried about the supreme court case?? You got the dream team of Caulkins & Stocks, rushing there without any evidence to support there case. If they lose, please don’t blame it on paid-off judges.

    1. So I am curious – do you think that a sitting governor donating a million dollars to two sitting judges that hear cases he is a defendant in is sleazy, or not? Or is it all good, so long as you get to bash Caulkins daily?

    2. Hey “truth hurts” check your grammar, learn the difference between “there, their, and they’re (they are)” as in context to your wording as in “…rushing there without any evidence to support there (their) case.” Where are you going with this derogatory snide post? Over there or out there, or just trying to denigrate their solid attempts to hold accountable our scummy governor and crappy state attorney? Why don’t you just go back to the DU where they will welcome you and your derogatory attitude, IS THAT YOU KENNY-BOY? JUST GO AWAY, A-HO!

  3. A million dollars to run for two Supreme Court seats. Guess we know the fix is in here. Even if they both recuse, the score is 3 Communists to 2 Americans, so we are still screwed.

    Notice Kwame the Klown didn’t even put any effort into the notice of appeal. They are going for the straight summary judgement they know has already been bought and paid for. Better hope for a better federal process, because Illinois just officially became a joke.

  4. I thought JB slipped several mil to their campaigns? Glad someone is tryinv to raise the alarm on these two liberal zealots.

  5. So the question is ,who do Illinoisians turn to when the court rules against Caulkins and Stocks ?
    This is wrong on so many levels and I don’t care what your political view or your opinions of the C!ulkins case are, these two should not be on the court period as long as their major donor is a sitting Governor

    1. The real meat and potatoes will be done at the Federal level on actual 2A / Heller / McDonald / Bruen grounds. That arena is far more favorable to us than the bought and paid for Illinois Supreme Court. We were never going to prevail on Equal Protection grounds statewide simply because all the GA has to do is just rewrite the law and strip out all the protected classes; making it a gun ban for all. It was OK for getting TROs with, but the law will never be overturned on that basis alone.

      Illinois is a complete cesspool of corruption, and Jelly Belly is no exception to it. He and his leftist cronies bought a couple of votes on the ISC. It how things get done here in Illinois. Even if the two judges recuse, you still have a 3-2 split in favor of the left. As we all know, leftist don’t follow laws. They simply redefine them to mean whatever they say they do. Look at the garbage that Kimm Foxx filed in another story here. No sane person could make the conclusions she does. And yet, there it is. A leftist is a leftist – they all hate freedom, the Constitution, and private ownership of guns. A leftist ISC judge is no different.

  6. By the way – Center Square is reporting that he chipped in TWO million dollars total – a cool mil to each of his votes. He also broke campaign financing laws in the process, because Illinois law clearly states that the maximum contribution is $500,000. Period.
    How did Jabba get around that little problem? He gave each 1/2 million from his campaign fund (most of which he contributed himself), and another 1/2 million each out of his revokable family trust. Laws are for little people.

    Anyone wonder if the Pritzker family owns any guns or magazines on the list? Any of the GA clowns that voted for it? I don’t. Ever hear the phrase ‘Don’t you know who I am’?

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