Rena Rojas joined us Monday evening in Springfield at the SCHEELS store.  That’s her speaking above, telling her story. 

This is just a teaser as there are some other things happening today.

But last night proved another really good meeting.  We had Rena say a few words after Mr. Boch presented her the new shotgun and other items.

Col. French MacLean presented her some OC spray and some Army Strong stickers.

John Boch presented her a 20-gauge tactical, pump-action shotgun and some buckshot and slugs for it.

And on behalf of GSL, John also presented her a one-year membership to the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network which will give her access to the finest legal defense money can buy if she has to use force, deadly or otherwise, in self-defense in near future.

Another of our members signed her up for a membership in Guns Save Life as well.

Later in the evening, Steve Wheeler from the Land of Lincoln Honor Flight described the program to send Viet Nam era veterans and older ones out to Washington DC to see the memorials, Arlington National Cemetery and the Smithsonian.

We’ll have more on Rena’s story and what happened since we broke the story of her having issues getting her gun back tomorrow.

Until then, check out our other stories today!

4 thoughts on “RENA GOT HER GUN… and another”
  1. Have you heard anything more from SA Dan Wright about an “apology” for “dragging his feet” about making the return of property to Ms. Rojas? Bureau-cRATS are too arrogant to even think they “owe” an apology to anyone! SCUM-ASSHO!

  2. It was a great night! She seemed almost overwhelmed by your willingness to help, John. Bet she has slept better this week than in months.

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