The Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day is coming up on Wednesday, March 29th.   The IGOLD event has been around for nearly twenty years.  It’s good fun, folks.  It really is a great time.

Lookie here. John Coyne from 2019 (left) now our VP and Al Devlin (now a director).
Don’t look now but the Tyranny Response Team is here to greet Moms Demanding some Action.

Given how the legislature is going full-tilt for gun control with no regard for the rule of law, common sense or good public policy, it’s probably a good time to remind them that guns save lives.  In fact, the CDC’s own numbers show that guns thwart as many as 2.5 million crimes each year.

With that in mind, consider taking off Wednesday, March 29th and making the trip to Springfield to hang out with a couple thousand of your closest friends and family.  Remind politicians in Springfield that we exist and we’re not surrendering our guns.

For the good guys, tell them to keep up the fight.

For the squishes, tell them we’ll be watching them closely.

For the anti-gun crowd, tell them we are looking forward to seeing more of them in court.  “We’ve seen your attorneys and they aren’t very impressive.”  Also, tell them that if they keep poking the bear, they’re liable to have a LOT less gun control in this state than they have right now.

Chapin Rose with IGOLD attendees on the floor of the Illinois House way back when.


We can’t keep track of all the buses (the ISRA often does that… here’s the link), but at the March Decatur GSL meeting, Dan Cooley from The Bullet Trap in Macon, IL announced he’s got a bus lined up to make the trip from Decatur to Springfield.

It’s under “Special Events” on his website

$35In the spring of each year, The Bullet Trap sponsors a charter bus to transport people to and from the Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD) rally in Springfield. Cost per person is $35 for round trip transportation and there are only 50 seats are available, so bookings for our bus are on a first-come basis. The Bullet Trap bus will be picking up and dropping off from the Decatur Civic Center parking lot. You will be able to park your vehicles on the south side of the lot for the day at no cost. Complete instructions and information will be in your booking confirmation e-mail. We will continue to provide updates as more information from the ISRA becomes available.

At the Decatur GSL meeting, Dan said the bus would be leaving the Decatur Civic Center at about 9:30.  You can park there.  The bus will likely return between 3:30-4:30pm.

He needs folks to sign up ahead of time.  The best way is to book it online here.  Or you can call The Bullet Trap at 217-764-5149.  Dan needs to confirm the bus reservation by about March 10th, so don’t delay in getting your reservation! You’ll likely be around many of your favorite people from the GSL meetings there in Decatur so it’ll be fun!

We asked nicely. They didn’t listen. So we’re on the cusp of striking it down in court…
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