Coming in June 2023.  Tell your friends.

3 thoughts on “GSL DANVILLE: Tell your friends.”
  1. Wow. Guns save life continues to grow!
    Where’s the isra with monthly meetings like ours?

    1. I was taking a tactical rifle class at the ISRA range. We also had pistols on us as well. We took a lunch break. Everyone grounded their rifles with a guard then most of us went to lunch with our pistols loaded and open carry. The response from the ISRA range officials was something that I would have expected from a group of Moms Demand Action freaks. They thought it was unsafe and made us our pistols back. I go nowhere without a pistol. I just came back in conceal carry mode.

  2. Contact your local Regional Director listed in Gun News, or better yet come to your local meeting.

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