Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Tim Gramins.  He works for a suburban PD and a few years ago had a rather lively encounter with a bank robber on the suburban Chicago streets of Lincolnwood, IL.  The bad guy popped out of his car and attempted to ambush Tim.

Tim fired back.  A lot.

While you hear about officers emptying their magazine and barely hitting their intended targets, Officer Gramins hit his attacker.

A lot. 

With .45 ACP 230-grain Gold Dot jacketed hollow points.

In fact, after 11 hits, about a third of which were fatal – just not fatal enough, fast enough – Gramins put three in the face of his would-be killer to end the assault.  Yeah, that’ll do it.

In the end, Gramins was left with 4 rounds…  one in the pipe and three in the magazine.

Today, he carries 145 rounds while on duty.  He’s learned from his experience.

And honestly, he’s the reason I typically carry 46 each day for my usual primary sidearm as a private person going about my business.  Yeah, sometimes like today I only carry 25 when I’m travelling light or when I need to practice deep concealment.  But usually I’ve got 46.

Here’s our Northwest Chicagoland Regional Director Marcus (The Firearm Mentor) Melnick’s video of Mr. Gramins’ presentation.  Darn, I’m really sorry I missed this one.  (And give The Firearm Mentor a “subscribe”).

This guy Gramins is a legend in the law enforcement and training communities.


Here’s the interview Mas Ayoob did with him a couple years ago.


And last but not least, for the “too long; didn’t watch” crowd, here’s a short synopsis from Donut Operator.


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