Lori Lightfoot says she has a plan to control crime.  Yeah.  She said crime was down last September too.  She also says she supports the police while defunding CPD by $80M in a single year (while begging the feds to help with crime).  Oh, since she took office four years ago, she has slashed the number of cops on the streets by 19% while she still has a 90-person protective detail.  Don’t forget that she’s got the biggest, ahem, “johnson” in Chicago too.  We mention her phallic boast to attack her credibility when it comes to telling the truth. 

Her “plan” led to major crime reports growing 41% last year over 2021.  This year these same major crime reports are up ANOTHER 55%.

Welcome to Murder City USA.

From the non-profit research service Wirepoints:

Reported major crimes are up 55 percent in Chicago through Sunday February 19, versus the same seven-week stretch of 2022. That comes after a full year in 2022 when major crimes were up 41 percent from 2021 (see appendix for full data). 

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s reelection campaign claimed in a recent TV ad that “on crime, she’s got a plan”, and that “she’s put more police on the streets.” But there are actually 1,400 fewer cops assigned to district-level patrol duty than at her term’s start. 

And as the latest evidence shows, crime’s not down. It’s up. Way up. Any useful plan has to first stop the bleeding in the short-term – and then address long-term violence prevention.

You should carry a gun to protect yourself and your family from violent crime.

In Chicago, you should carry two guns.

5 thoughts on “LORI LIGHTFOOT’S ‘PLAN’? Crime spiked 41% last year… It’s up *another 55%* this year.”
  1. I wonder how many crimes did get reported. I mean, if the police can’t respond, did it happen? And I am sure people are getting tired of no response and have given up reporting robberies, rapes and assaults where no one died. It is Lori’s own constituents who are suffering and dying.

    1. The old phrase ” if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, did it really happen?” in Chitcago, “if a crime doesn’t get reported, was it really a crime? Well, no because with no “thefts under $900.00 are prosecuted” “no cash bail”, etc. etc. etc. Groot’s constituents consist of the criminal element, not taxpaying citizens, dont-cha know?

  2. When you have the type of voters like they have in Chitcago, you can tell them anything and they’ll likely believe it, so why not?

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