Come join us for Guns Save Life monthly meetings. They’re fun, entertaining and educational.  Not only that but it’s your chance to meet truly outstanding people, make friendships and find a home among like-minded ladies and gentlemen.




Yes, you never know who will attend.  It might even be a championship shooter from New Zealand.

For the Peoria meeting:  In order to have a better handle on how much food to prep (and how many tables to set up) Barrack’s Banquet Center sends this…  (Now I see why they ran out of food at 6:10pm!  We vastly surpassed their estimates!)

Please use this link to reserve a meal or just a seat at the March 2nd GSL meeting at Barrack’s Cater Inn.  Dinner and conversation at 5:30. Meeting at 7:00. Hope to see you there.
It is very important that you use this link or call (309) 692-3990 to reserve a meal. Last month we had nearly 50 people who came to eat without a previous reservation. Please use one of the methods above to reserve your meal in advance so there is enough food for everyone. Thank you.

Chicagoland’s meeting is this Sunday at the American Legion Post 1198 in Chicago Heights.

The monthly “gun” will be a full case of Herter’s 9mm FMJ training ammo.  Not one of those “mini-cases” either.  This one is 1000 ROUNDS OF 9mm!