Meet Brent Larkin, the old-school radical newspaper editor who rose through the ranks to become the editorial director at the Cleveland Plain-Dealer for almost 20 years.  The Plain-Dealer, barely a shadow of its former self, has Brent Larkin to thank in part for its market decline.

Back in the day, newspapers controlled the narrative because there was no other outlet from which people could get their local news aside from the local TV news station.

Then the Internet came along and people abandoned the establishment fake-news media and their fake-news, politically biased reporting.

In 1983, the Plain Dealer had a daily circulation of a HALF MILLION.

With Brent Larkin at the helm, the Plain Dealer sailed directly into iceberg laden waters at full ideological speed.  When he left in 2009, the PD’s circulation wasn’t even 400,000.

As bad as Larkin was, the people who replaced him were arguably far worse.  Four years after Larkin’s departure in 2009, the paper’s circulation had collapsed to 300,000 per day and they went from daily to four issues per week.  Nothing like getting yesterday’s news tomorrow.

But the people who replaced Larkin didn’t get the message that their hard left opposition to the fundamental right to keep and bear arms turned people away.  Damn the torpedoes, FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Things got worse.  A lot worse.  By 2019 the circulation had collapsed to less than 100,000.

And then more layoffs came.

But leave it to the same radical ideologues who replaced this old lefty dinosaur Brent Larkin to allow Larkin to raise his head out of the water for one last gasp at belching out his arguments against civil rights for the little people.  Just like those who argued against school integration after the Brown v. Board of Education decision from the US Supreme Court in the 1950s.

We’ll just cut to the unhinged money quote from the Plain-Dealer:

Instead of making classrooms safer, these gun-lobby parrots want to arm teachers… The politicians who traffic in that garbage are beneath our contempt.

Way to go Plain-Dealer.  With more editorials like that, you’re publication is doomed.

3 thoughts on “OUT OF TOUCH: Failing newspaper’s former editorial director says politicians who support the Second Amendment ‘are beneath our contempt’”
  1. Wow, an OATH to uphold the U S Constitution dismissed by someone that had employment based on the first amendment of said Constitution. N. Korea or Russia, one of your useful village idiots got loose, come get the bass turd! He will not be missed here.

  2. This little bug can feel free to pack up and move to any workers’ paradise he prefers, since America and its Constitution are too offensive to him. The less communists like this pig in this country, the better.

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