Back in January, a brazen thug in Chicago thought he was going to disarm an off-duty female cop physically much smaller than him. Surveillance video of the incident has now been released.

The brazen bad guy thought he was going to easily disarm the off-duty young female. “Bitch, give me the gun, bitch,” he said to her as he grabbed her.

Unfortunately for Leevon Smith, aged old enough to know better (39), she paid attention during her weapon retention training as a new police officer and she successfully retained her gun.

“I’ll kill you,” she warned Smith.

“Oh, you about to kill me?” he replies, voice dripping with arrogance and confidence that he could easily overpower a young woman and take her gun.

“Watch this,” she told him as she shot him.

And he replied, “Ah sh*t. I’m sorry.” But he continued the attack, so she shot him again this time in the gut.

“Ah sh*t. You got me. I’m sorry sweetie. Dang, you shot me for real.” Yet he still tried to wrest control of the gun from her.

“I told your dumb ass I’d kill you,” she told him as she continued to fight him to retain the gun. At that point he wrestled her to the ground. So she shot his dumb ass again.

Here the video…

Another angle…

Five minutes after 911 calls went out, Chicago Fire showed up. Still no police despite the 911 callers no doubt telling dispatchers it was an off-duty cop involved shooting.

Smith died a two days later. Now his family’s looking for a $10million ghetto lottery payout, claiming excessive force, alleging that her use of force was not necessary.

Lots of lessons for us in this incident:

  1. Try not to let squirrely or suspicious individuals inside your reactionary gap.
  2. Ignore what bad guys say when they say they’re surrendering. Very often their mouth will be saying one thing while they do exactly the opposite.
  3. Anyone trying to disarm you is, in the eyes of the law, “armed.” Deadly force is justified. Use deadly force as needed until the threat ends.
  4. Don’t be in a hurry to render aid by yourself to someone who just tried to murder you. Don’t allow them a second chance to kill you.

The lawsuit claims the officer, who isn’t named in the suit, allegedly used “excessive and violent physical force.”

Despite the frivolous lawsuit, the video clearly shows a righteous shoot. The officer deserves high praise for her poise while under attack in fighting for her life. And for her restraint in not shooting the mope until slidelock while on the ground with him.

Oh yes, and over at Fox32 Chicago, they have more information about the claims in the lawsuit:

The suit claims that Smith’s “estate was diminished by virtue of the medical and funeral expenses that were incurred,” adding that his family “suffered injuries as a result of his death, including, but not limited to, the loss of companionship and society, grief, sorrow and mental anguish.”

I’m so sure.  The loss of companionship and society?  As a career felon, his loss merely means Chicago is incrementally less dangerous for decent people.

4 thoughts on “Brazen thug in Chicago tries to disarm small-statured, off-duty female cop… It didn’t go well for him. Lessons to be learned. [VIDEO]”
  1. I love a happy ending first thing in the morning! Wow, way to deliver! Great work, officer! Good riddance to Captain Shitbag, too. Damn shame he had to suffer a couple of days too.

    1. Not really a shame he had to “linger” perhaps he reflected on his role in society if he was coherent, if nothing else, maybe his wasted life will be a “lesson” for those that knew him, but…. probably not. Getto-lottry.

  2. A similar incident occurred in my home town when a much larger smart aleck tried to disarm a female cop. She just shot him, and he lived. Bet he won’t do that again. She was on duty and in uniform so it’s not like he didn’t know she was a cop.

  3. Good shoot. Needed more shots, obviously. But she got the old taxpayer relief shot in so that’s what counts. It just took two days for him to quit wasting oxygen.

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