The arrest numbers for Chicago suggest that those committing serious crimes face only a one in twenty chance of getting caught. Factor in a Soros-funded state’s attorney that drops about a third of cases police present to her and, well, the number of criminals suffering consequences is nil.

Wirepoints has the numbers and they aren’t pretty:

Chicago’s shockingly low arrest rates for most crimes continue to give lawbreakers a green light to carry on. Fresh, end-of-year City of Chicago data for 2022 reveal that arrests were made for only 5 percent of offenses in Chicago’s major crime categories. That compares to 10 percent in 2019. The information comes from the city’s crime data portal covering murders, sexual assaults, aggravated battery, robberies, burglaries, thefts, and motor vehicle thefts. 

Image via Wirepoints.

Expect arrest rates to stay at rock-bottom levels and the green light for crime to stay lit until crucial improvements occur in Chicago’s policing management. 

Arrest rates varied by the type of “major crime,” based on the seven categories that cities have for decades reported to the FBI. Chicago’s homicide arrest rate was 28 percent in 2022, lower than the reported 33 percent in 2021, 41 percent in 2020, and 36 percent in 2019. 

With a 5% clearance rate of major crimes, it’s only a matter of time until victims and their families opt to administer street justice instead of calling the police and waiting for an officer to show up and maybe take a report.

More from Wirepoints:

  • The criminal sexual assault arrest rate was just 3 percent, down from 8 percent in 2019. 
  • The robbery arrest rate: 5 percent in 2022 versus 9 percent in 2019. 
  • The aggravated battery arrest rate: 16 percent compared to 25 percent in 2019. 
  • The burglary arrest rate: 4 percent this year against 6 percent in 2019. 
  • Theft arrest rate: 4 percent versus 10 percent in 2019.
  • Motor vehicle theft: 3 percent compared to 6 percent in 2019. 

Criminal sexual assault 3%?  

It’s ironic that the aggravated battery arrest rate is 16% when non-fatal shooting arrest rates have been under 5% for years.  The no-snitch culture is alive and well where it comes to gangs.

This shows what happens when politicians defund the police and prosecutors don’t prosecute.

In the end, the little people suffer the consequences of this soft-on-crime public policy so loved by the radical left.

Carry your gun. You are your own first responder.

2 thoughts on “WILD WEST: Chicago arrest rate collapses to 5%”
  1. No surprise if you follow on a regular basis. You get the box-scores daily of the goings on in Liberal Utopia. The cops are both overwhelmed and completely demoralized because they know that any interaction is subject to them getting tossed in prison for being too rough on a scumbag. So, most have just checked out. They don’t care to police these vermin and lose their lives and livelihood in the process.

    Besides, its much easier and safer to send ISP in to harass law-abiding gun owners and FFLs than gang-banging scum and their bogus straw buyers. We don’t have Glocks with Chinese full-auto switches, evil ghost guns and a propensity to shoot at LEOs. We still respect the police and law and order – so according to Putzker and Raoul the Fool, we are the scumbags.

    Clown world.

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