You have to love “charity” bond funds who pay the bail for bad guys who can’t afford to pay their own bail after suffering the indignity of getting arrested for committing crimes.  The charity bond funds allow the release of arrestees so they can go victimize more people back to their families.  And if you read to the very end of this post, you’ll see how under Cook County’s chief judge, the bond funds are held harmless if the bad guys they bail out fail to appear in court.  What a perfect world…  for bad guys.

Tale Frederick Smith.  He has not one, but TWO pending gun cases from arrests.  Seems the judge the second time wasn’t so amenable to a hug from grandma to get outta jail after his SECOND gun arrest.  Especially after Mr. Smith caught multiple additional charges in jail for pleasuring himself where everyone could see him along with aggravated battery of a jail guard.

Twenty years ago he would have gone to prison for a year or three as a felon with an illegally carried gun, but not today.  

Today, you get a charity bond fund to pay your bail so you can get out, chop off your ankle monitor and abscond across the border to Indiana while in possession of a firearm.  Someone forgot to tell ol’ Frederick that Indiana’s Constitutional Carry is for good guys, not career felons.

CWB Chicago has some deets:

Chicago — A Chicago man with two pending felony gun charges was bailed out of jail by a charity bond fund, only to travel to Indiana and cut off his ankle monitor, prosecutors say. Cops say he was carrying another gun when they finally caught up with him.

Frederick Smith, 21, also has pending misdemeanor cases for allegedly battering guards and engaging in lewd behavior at the Cook County jail.

“When you’re in custody, you’re fighting with guards and masturbating,” Judge Charles Beach said during Smith’s bail hearing last week. “And when you’re out of custody, you’re cutting off your EM bracelet and fleeing the state. And not only that, you’re in possession of a weapon while you’re doing so.”

Smith’s ankle monitor signaled the Cook County sheriff’s office about two problems on January 30. First, Smith had been away from his house for two hours longer than permitted. And, second, he was in Indiana.

As for the charity bond fund, check out this little tidbit:

Even though Smith is accused of violating his bail conditions, the charitable bond fund is not at risk of losing any money it put up for him. standing order by Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans bars the circuit clerk from collecting “any fees, court costs or penalties from bail bond funds posted by a Charitable Bond Fund without the surety’s voluntary, written consent.”


5 thoughts on “Felon with pending gun cases bailed out by charity bail fund, cuts off ankle bracelet and goes to Indiana where he’s caught with ANOTHER gun”
  1. So did Kwame throw this bug a party yet? He’s definitely another fine upstanding piece of liberal garbage that Democrats hold up as the best of the best. Perhaps Prickster can have him over for cake and ice cream when he celebrates disarming the law-abiding in favor of this skid mark in the shorts of humanity.

    At some point, this waste of oxygen will run into the wrong armed citizen, and will finally become a productive member of our society. As compost.

  2. Are the “charity bond funds” administered by the “soros-funded state attorneys”?
    Wow, Talk about “revolving door” justice! Or is it “just us” criminal element-democRATS?

  3. Is this just another one of “Obama’s sons”? If “Obama’s sons” were aborted the crime rate in America would be practically zero!

  4. Wow, just wow; and they want to turn us into felons—-! They should at least make that masturbating felon register as a sex offender!

    Jim Sodo Gardner

  5. I have a feeling he will be in Indiana for some time, in jail. That is another thing I like having moved from Illinois to Indiana, they actually use their jails. In fact Vermillion County Indiana is just about finished building a nice big one.

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