Democrats in Illinois have championed “criminal justice reform” for a long time now, implementing their Chicago-style policies state-wide where they could. What has this given us?

Well, a judge in Chicago sentenced a 17-year-old drug dealer to three years of probation for stabbing a 15-year-old boy to death last year. Seems the 15-year-old tried to swipe some weed and the drug dealer chased him down and stabbed him repeatedly.

Three years probation for murder. How is that even possible?

Well, it takes a soft-on-crime prosecutor like Soros-funded Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to strike a plea deal for a reduced charge. It also takes a judge elected by Cook County voters to think that three years probation is a fair sentence for taking the life of another human being. Lastly, it also takes the corrupt mainstream media largely looking the other way.

Would the judge think a sentence of three years probation be appropriate if it were his 15-year-old son who was stabbed to death?

Cook County residents are getting the policies of candidates they elected. And they’re getting them “gooder and harder.” After all, 81% of homicide victims in Cook County are African-Americans, yet African-Americans keep voting these same anti-gun, anti-self-defense, pro-criminal politicians into office.

As for those who don’t agree with these “kinder, gentler” attitudes towards violent criminals, is it any wonder they’re voting with their feet and moving out of Illinois?

I can’t imagine how Elias Valdez’s family feels. First a drug dealer stabbed their boy to death and now a judge sentences his killer to a hug from grandma? Could anyone blame Elias’ dad for abducting Mr. Drug Dealer and sending him through a wood chipper, feet first?

If on a jury, I know I’d vote “not guilty” with a giant exclamation point if they caught Mr. Valdez pressure washing blood and guts out of a chipper, and so too would plenty of other good Americans.

This case serves as yet another reason why I religiously carry when I’m with my family. And you should as well. Seems a lot easier to strap on a pistol than to rent a wood chipper.

Especially if you find yourself in Chicago because you have to live, work or visit there.

4 thoughts on “REIMAGINING CRIMINAL JUSTICE, CHICAGO-STYLE: Three years’ probation… for murder?”
  1. Wow, a 15 yo. thief steals from a 17 yo. drug dealer, the thief gets “street justice” for stealing from a local ” pharmaceutical street business” and the business owner “takes care of business” and does not get prosecuted for dealing or retaliation for theft of his merchandise. Didn’t even lose his business license! Maybe the prosecutor is one of his customers, ya think?

  2. Criminal Justice Reform is one of those pathetic euphemisms trotted out by leftists to mask their true intent (think: Protect Our Communities Act). What criminal justice reform really means is emptying the prisons and inflicting criminals upon law-abiding society, while simultaneously disarming that society so they cannot protect themselves.
    Democrats aren’t just stupid and short-sighted. Many are purely evil as well.

    1. Wood chipper at 1/3rd speed works for me. Didn’t run to Santa’s proposed life in prison for child molesters? Save a lot of money by chipping them too

  3. I am quite partial to the clinker grinders used to pulverize coal into a fine baby powder consistency for use in power plants. For most of these scumbags, being converted to electricity would be the first useful thing they ever did for society.

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