You have to admit, trying to defend school segregation in the face of the US Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education was a tough one for some racist bigots in America back in the 1950s.  Today, gun-hating bigots like Governor J.B. Pritzker and Attorney General Kwame Raoul are trying to defend unconstitutional gun control measures that are equally repugnant to American values in the face of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen decision.

Today, a judge in White County issued a temporary restraining restraining order in Tom DeVore’s second case challenging Illinois’ gun ban.

On Friday, Macon County court will hear Dan Caulkins’ similar case.  The difference is that Caulkins’ case would effectively cover the entire state of Illinois, not just named plaintiffs.

Of course Tom DeVore is soliciting prospective clients to send him $200 to join his third lawsuit.  But if Caulkins gets his TRO in Macon County, there will be no need as everyone will be a protected party if Caulkins prevails.


9 thoughts on “KWAME LOSES A LOT: DeVore WINS again!”
  1. I am curious how the case being presented in Macon Country tomorrow differs from what Devore has been winning with. Tried to find the filing itself, but so far no luck. About all I can find is the case number and the hearing time tomorrow.,2023CH3,IL058015JL2023CH3P1
    The case is 2023CH3 at 1:30pm tomorrow. If anyone has the actual filing, I would like to read it for myself.

    I am hoping that Caulkins follows the Equal Protection argument that Devore has, since that has the most teeth, and appear to be compelling to the judges that have heard it so far.

  2. The difference is DeVore is a money grabbing peace of shit who only filed this for whoever was willing to pay for play….Dan is filling it to where it covers the whole state Dan is the one we should be supporting not the Douchebag DeVore there is a special place in hell for traitors like Douchebag DeVore

  3. I bet you the farm Dan’s lawsuit will be tossed out because nobody is paying up and Douchebag DeVore will have his hands in it….someone needs to start tracking down where all this money is going then Douchebag DeVore will be held to account

  4. If Devore is two for two and he has his ‘hands in it’, then how is Caulkins’ lawsuit destined to fail? Have you seen the filing? I haven’t. If you have it, why don’t you post it for all of us to see, instead of just whining and bitching about whatever personal issues you have with Devore? I don’t know either of them, and don’t really care about their motivations so long as they work towards getting this illegal ‘law’ tossed out.
    Try to stay focused on the issue at hand, if you are able.

    1. you should change your name to devore whore…it’s more suiting how can you justify this shit ball exploiting the people for their right to own a gun how can you stand behind this ??? I know how… you are getting paid that’s why you are a devore whore that’s why!!!! you are a sell out. I dont have to see the filing!! give me 200 and I’ll get you your guns!! wake up dumbass!!! Guess what the Douchebag isn’t getting my money and the meatball isn’t getting my guns ha ha ha you loose

  5. Cry me a river… cry me a river. One of these days Gov. Pritzker is going to hire his own legal counsel to defend the state and help him to save face, because our inept AG couldn’t handle anything more than a bottle of hand lotion. Maybe Kwame is trying to sabotage Pritzker’s presidential ambitions. But then again, never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. Forgive me if I butchered that old expression.

  6. I hope they both win. This fighting is unseemly and does not look good. I don\t care if DeVore makes a millions dollars. It takes a tremendous amount of resources to fight the state of Illinois. Support any of the groups. We are close to victory. We will look back on this as our finest hour. We are quite literally on the front lines of the 2A War. Effingham started sanctuary Counties, and it spread to 64 percent of all US counties and some whole states. We the gun owners of Illinois are making history. Lets do it together.

  7. Kwame the fool may just be figuring that there’s not much point in putting up a real fight at this stage since either way, it’s going to a higher court. If he’s just as incompetent when that occurs, then we’ll know.

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