Poor Kimmy Foxx, the Soros-funded prosecutor (who doesn’t prosecute) in Cook County – aka Chicago for those outside of Illinois. She’s got still more problems when it comes to ethics.  Well, that and domestic violence allegations from within her own home. But that’s another story for another day.

Okay, okay. I can’t tease like that. From FoxNews:

Kelley Foxx claims that Kim Foxx asked him to leave, which he refused. He told the officer that, at one point, Kim Foxx blocked him from leaving a bathroom, grabbed his collar and threw his video game controller on the ground.

“He tried to turn on the TV and Kimberly snatched the controller out of his hand and threw the controller,” the report states, paraphrasing what Kelley Foxx said.

Kelley Foxx then alleged that Kim Foxx slapped him across the left cheek. The officer wrote that he did not “observe any indicators to support his claim of being struck. There was no redness or swelling visible on his face.”

Kelley Foxx told the officer, per the report, that he just wanted it to stop and that “she can’t come in my personal space and put her hands on me.”


And now, she’s got problems with one of her social justice warrior prosecutors not playing fairly – a prosecutor from her “conviction integrity unit” no less. 

From City Journal:

Untrustworthy Prosecutors

Under two Supreme Court cases, Brady v. Maryland and Giglio v. United States, prosecutors are constitutionally required to disclose to defense lawyers the credibility problems of potential prosecution witnesses, such as a history of lying or drug use. Police officers are justifiably warned that lying in any capacity can not only endanger their ability to testify but also result in termination.

Progressive prosecutors in the United States have vastly expanded this technical disclosure requirement, using Brady and Giglio to justify putting police officers on publicly available “do not use” lists—sometimes with scant justification and affording them no procedural protections. Now, these same officials are being found to lack credibility. What are the legal ramifications of a court’s calling a prosecutor a liar?…

Meantime, just last month Foxx had to remove the head prosecutor from her vaunted “conviction integrity unit” from a case because the prosecutor faces a misconduct motion for hiding evidence in a case in which a police officer was murdered. Accused of a lack of candor regarding evidence in the Smollett case, Foxx is now pulling one of her chief integrity supervisors off a murder case for allegedly hiding evidence. In Chicago, layers of deception emanate from the prosecutor’s office.

Kim Foxx has quite the hand in driving the increase in violent crime in Chicagoland. When you don’t hold bad guys accountable, you get more misbehavior… aka more brazen bad guys. For the latest, visit CWBChicago

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  1. After calling gang banger shoot outs mutual combat and not prosecuting anyone, when did she ever have any credibility? Answer: Never

  2. Chicago voters re-elected her. Obviously low-information voters. You know, the kind that can’t read or do math. Voting for her again was the electoral equivalent of getting paddled and then asking for more swats. Not smart. Thank you sir! May I have a dozen more?

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