Todd Vandermyde at Freedom’s Steel has an update. The big news involves Kwame’s attempt to judge shop. The Illinois AG’s attempt to go around normal procedures/precedent to get an Obama appointee judge in East St. Louis to hear the consolidated cases failed.  

Here’s Todd:

Bottom line:  Kwame’s gonna be busy.

4 thoughts on “KWAME JUDGE SHOPPING FAILS: We get good judge, State Police gun confiscations already begun…”
  1. Well that’s freaking great news! How do I make my comments in bold? That’s great news actually

  2. Well, We will eventually win, but I live 10 miles from the state of MO! I am moving to STL, MO, by July. They will just find more stupid ways to screw with IL gun owners! If you can leave IL, then, please leave!

    Taking my ball and bat and going to MO:

    Jim Sodo Gardner

    1. Would love to bail now, but we still have a couple of years before we can both retire. It galls me that we will have to start over in a new state, give up the house we built, our friends and everything else just because a gaggle of Chicago communists thinks that we need a cradle to grave nanny telling us how to live.
      Back when this was still a free country, we would have run the communists out of the state on a rail. We should go back to the old ways.

  3. LiberalsRcancer
    You are right, our parents and grandparents fought wars to stomp out communism. Now we have the in the front yard and next door. This is BS

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