For those with stabilizing braces, the Federal Register will publish the new rule on January 31st.  That officially starts the 120-day clock to its effective date.  Of course that’s assuming (you know how that goes) that it’s not knocked down in court.

Oh, PS:  Let the lawsuits begin.

Here’s more on your options:



4 thoughts on “IT’S OFFICIAL: Pistol Stabilizing Rule Published Jan 31st. 120-day countdown starts today.”
  1. There was only one reason that Bidet picked that scumbag Dettlebach to run ATF – and you are seeing it now. These filthy communists cannot get what they want legislatively in DC, so they simply let some commissar do it for them. GOA is filing on this one, too, but the only real solution is to work towards defunding and destroying ATF and its mountain of bureaucratic slime.

  2. The federal House Repubs are taking up the issue with legislation denying ATF the ability to impose infringement on the Right to keep and bear arms, declaring braces not a firearm they could impose restrictions on. Just watched debate last night on computer.

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