As of summer 2001, 61.35% of Americans counties are Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions on the books, either by county level provisions or by state-level legislation.  They vary in terms of the teeth behind them, too.  Some (like most in Illinois) are largely symbolic.  Other states have provisions which will hold local officials who violate them liable.

Here’s the (albeit dated) info from September 2021.

1,965 counties [Ed: of 3033 total] in the United States are covered by either state or county level 2A Sanctuary resolutions, ordinances, or laws. This number represents 62.5% [Editor:  64.8… math isn’t that hard, folks] of American counties. Progress has slowed somewhat compared to our last update due to the fact that in our previous update we had just finished adding multiple entire states to the list as many of them were finishing their legislative sessions. In this update, we do not have any new 2A Sanctuary States to share with you, but we do have a number of new counties. We have added 35 counties to the list/map since our last update so we decided it was high time to publish an updated map.

Clearing up confusion

Some outlets have reported that all of these counties have individually passed resolutions/ordinances. This is not accurate. Hundreds of counties have indeed passed their own county level resolutions/ordinances (hundreds of which we have collected on our Resolutions Page) however, there are also hundreds of counties that are protected by 2A Sanctuary laws at the state level only. If you look at the map, the counties colored in blue are only covered by state level 2A Sanctuary laws. If your county is displayed in blue on the map, then you should consider working to get a resolution or ordinance passed at the county level as well.

3 thoughts on “2A SANCTUARIES: 64.8% of America is a 2A Sanctuary”
  1. Great in theory, but it won’t prevent ISP from showing up on your doorstep and trying to bust someone for refusing to register their guns with them. It only means the locals aren’t going to assist them.

    How would ISP even know, you ask? Simple. Every gun you bought in Illinois since around 1990 had a background check done that went right through ISP. Think they aren’t maintaining a database of every background check ever approved or denied? Governments don’t follow their own rules. If they need help putting 2+2 together, they will simply contact ATF who has already been busted digitizing blue books. If you ever purchased one of the guns on their list from a dealer that went out of business, ATF has a complete record of it, and you can bet they will share it freely with ISP (while denying it, of course).

  2. TRO allowed to stand by Fifth Appellate Court. Kwame and Putzker have another bad day in court. 2-1 ruling that count four of the lawsuit is likely to prevail on the merits. This is the Equal Protection argument that says the law violates both the US and Illinois constitutions. Judges also criticized the legislature for their sleazy gut and replace nonsense, and encouraged the Supreme Court to review the way that the GA got this through.

    See you in court, clowns.

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