Imagine living in a community where a single group of armed robbers are so brazen as to strike 13 times in two hours. They roll up on someone exiting their vehicle, hop out, stick a gun in the face of their victim(s) and demand their valuables. Rinse, lather and repeat a dozen more times in two hours on Saturday evening.

You know what?  

They don’t pull this in Florida cities.

You want to know why? Because roughly one in four adults in Florida has a carry license and will punch the robbers’ ticket.

Chicago’s (and Illinois’) gun control doesn’t disarm criminals. It disarms the good guys so they’re easy-pickins for the criminal element.

Way to go Lori, J.B. and all the rest of the gun grabbers in the Land of Lincoln.

From WGN TV:

CHICAGO — An armed group of people committed 13 robberies in two hours from Kenwood to Bridgeport, according to the Chicago Police Department.

The incidents happened in the Bridgeport, Bronzeville, Kenwood and Oakland neighborhoods, and each time — according to police — the offenders drove up in a vehicle and stopped in the street near the victims, who then exited the vehicle to demand property from the victims while armed with a gun.

Police describe the offenders as being Black men wearing dark clothing who drove a black SUV (possibly a Cadillac, Chevy Equinox or a Jeep) and a red sedan (possibly a Ford).


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  1. Meanwhile, Groot and her(?) merry band of idiots were observed dancing in the street over the weekend. So hip. So relatable.

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