Guns Save Life and our magnificent, selfless members donated $21,153 to the fight against Gov. Pritzker’s gun and magazine ban in courts.  The amount stands as over double our largest previous grant of roughly $10,300 to the Central Illinois Precision Shooters’ indoor range in Bloomington about ten years ago.

$21,156 doesn’t sound like a lot?  Well, as a proportion of our annual operating budget, it represents a huge outlay for the small-but-mighty Guns Save Life. To put that into perspective, the Illinois State Rifle Association has an operating budget just over 12.5 times the size of GSL.  So GSL writing a check for $21,153 to the FFL-IL legal defense fund as part of the Illinois Gun Rights Alliance stands as the equivalent of the Illinois State Rifle Association writing a check for $264,500 to the legal fight.  Or, for those keeping tally, the National Rifle Association cutting a check for roughly $42 million.  In other words, it’s HUGE for us.

As far as we can tell, ISRA’s only chipped in $50,000 to the fight, according to statements made by SAF’s Alan Gottlieb.  We formally challenge them to break out the checkbook and match our expenditure as a proportion of their annual budget.

We were turned onto the info about ISRA’s legal funding by a reader of Illinois Carry who noticed these two posts:

Todd Vandermyde at IC:

I would remind you that SAF is covering all of the ISRA fees in there suit. Where as this little band of rebels is having to fund their own suit to address the issues we think important, and once filed I can talk about those more openly. Just like the way we go after the mag stuff, others here have caught on to a few issues, but like that guy used to say on their infomercial — but wait there’s more. . . 

“This little band of rebels” he’s referring to is the Illinois Gun Rights Alliance.

Yeti at IC:

For what it is worth, Alan Gottlieb says that the ISRA did donate $50,000 to the SAF to support lawsuits here at about 17:50.

Since last Thursday’s meeting, we’ve processed another $1940 in checks and cash to this legal fight. This despite telling people not to send us money, but to give directly to the FFL-IL fund for our Illinois attorneys and the Second Amendment Law Center for the California heavy-hitters backstopping our Illinois legal teams.  Again, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but that sort of coin to us is the equivalent of ISRA handling another $25,000 in pledged money.

We’ll be sending that $1940 along with monies from our LaSalle County and Chicagoland meetings to the legal fight after the board formally approves the expenditure at the last Thursday meeting in February.

Thank you to all who have helped in this endeavor.  You’re doing a great thing and we’re going to get proven results with your donations.  And we appreciate your trust and confidence in us to do the right thing.

5 thoughts on “HISTORIC: GSL chips in $21,153 to legal fight over gun ban”
  1. If the “anti-constitutionalists” succeed infringing on Second Amendment Rights, soon they will be restricting First Amendment Rights, OOPS… that’s right, they have already been doing that with the FED BUREAU OF INTIMIDATION infiltrating Twitter and shutting down info of the Biden Crime Family’s Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” to influence the 2022 election and the “miss-information” of “Russia-collusion” during the Trump Presidency and the 2020 election to install the “Village Idiot” into the “People’s White House”, didn’t they. We have tried the “soap box”, And the “Ballot Box”, if things keep going like they have been, it will soon be time for the “Ammo Box” to fight the Corrupt-o-Crats!
    May God Bless America to help destroy America’s enemies, both foreign And Domestic!

  2. It’s a shame that we have to spend big bucks on lawyers to protect our constitutional rights. Until unless some of these legislators are held personally responsible for this trash they’re passing, they’re going to keep doing more of the same

    1. The lawyers are what we are left with, since legislators at both the state and federal levels have decided that they can pass clearly unconstitutional ‘laws’ with impunity, and tell us to shove it. ‘See you in court’, they proudly taunt us.
      Legislators who engage in this practice should be ejected from their positions for violating their oath. There are no consequences at all to this behavior.

  3. Impressive. Good job GSL! $50k from ISRA? Where’s all the rest of what they’ve been collecting going? Paying for Pearson to get a new ride and his hospital bills when he’s not telling black media personalities to shut the hell up, live on air?

  4. By the way, if you’ve collected 21,000 telling people not to donate to the GSL org, just imagine how much ISRA is getting with all there fundraising. Between emails and the mail in my mailbox it seems like scarcely a day or three go by I’m not getting a solicitation from them saying to donate or else I will lose my guns 4ever

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