Our favorite little low-T House Minority Leader Jimmy Durkin voted for the gun and magazine ban (SB-2226) in the dead of night very early Friday morning.  Low-T Jimmy not only has a bit of a Napoleon complex but also a nice betrayal streak for good measure.  

One would think leaders would follow the prime directive of their organization, in this case the Republican party when it comes to gun rights.

We believe that day-to-day safety and security in our local communities is critical. Therefore, we strongly endorse and support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states, in part, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” As a result, we oppose any efforts by the state or municipalities to impede the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

Not little Jimmy.  In a classic example of his failed leadership, he voted against his party’s platform.  Instead of representing his constituents, he voted with the Chicago gun grabbers to defy the Constitution, the rule of law and the Bruen Supreme Court precedent – just like racist bigots in the Jim Crow South fought against desegregation of public schools after Brown v. Board of Education.

Given Low-T Jim Durkin’s issues, it shouldn’t surprise anyone.  In addition to an inability to strategize, budget resources, cultivate relationships, nurture subordinates, raise money and his overall leadership failures, poor Jimmy’s got short man syndrome, and just like another short man with bad tailor and even worse haircut named Kim in North Korea, lil’ Jimmy demands everyone address him as “Leader.”

The first time I “met” him was in his minority leader office in the Illinois Capitol building a few years ago.  A number of pro-gun folks were there having a strategy session at a conference table when the “Dear Leader” walked out of his private sanctum.  He saw us and you would have thought we were homeless lepers covered in dog feces and bed bugs.

You could say the look on his face when he saw us was burned into my mind.  I even asked Todd Vandermyde who it was who just gave us the mother of all death stares.  Todd gave me his trademark little grin.  “That’s Leader Durkin.”


Fast forward to 2022, post election when Durkin’s dysfunctional, inept leadership led to the loss of five more pro-gun state Reps, he resigned his leadership post.  Days later, his lovely bride submitted a whiny little commentary piece to the Chicago Tribune defending her low-T cuckservative husband from critics.

In it, she exposed some curious revelations.  Maybe he likes it when his wife calls him “Leader” to help supplement those little blue or tan pills that help facilitate what passes for romance in their bedroom. 

At the same time, Celeste really likes it when he advocates for gun control for the little people.  Yes, nothing gets lil’ Low-T’s wife more romantically-minded than her husband voting to take guns from everyday Americans.  Really, here’s her own words.

As a former Cook County prosecutor and father, Jim just wants to keep everyone safe.  That has consistently earned Jim a low grade from the National Rifle Association — a grade that could not make me love him more.

I know this is the era of weird kinks, and to each their own.

Then again, she also channeled her inner Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she wrote that the Second Amendment is a complex issue.  “It is not for the simple-minded,” she wrote.  

So why then are you writing about it, lady?  Honey, if you think 27 words is a complex concept, you must have cried into your boxed wine trying to read the first page of the Bruen decision.   

Can you image how much this must have made her head hurt?  All those long words!  And what do et, al, re and id mean anyway?  Are those like musical notes?  

Obviously Jimmy’s virtue-signaling wife completely misses the point of gun rights for the little people.   But then again, according to her, understanding the Second Amendment’s recognition of a fundamental human right “is not for the simple-minded.”

Image by Oleg Volk. Used with permission.

Oh well, we’re happy that the not-so-gifted low-T and his wife had a blissful night of togetherness in one of the last few days of his “leadership.”  

Congrats Jimmy.  Assuming you don’t “retire” soon, you’re gonna be the first Republican house member primaried in 2024 – and you haven’t even started your next term yet!  

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  1. Low T really is a thing. Should we really make fun of the man because he doesn’t have much lead in his pencil?

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