To the Editor:

WCIS Channel 20 News reports: “More than 100 people gathered [Thursday] at the Capitol to make their voices heard on the Protect Illinois Communities Act. Activists from Moms Demand Action… encouraged lawmakers to pass the bill.” Fine, but who the hell are these “Moms” and why they be pickin’ on me? I ain’t shot nobody. C’mon man!

To find the definition of “Moms”, search for Bat-Shit Crazy or Shannon Watts. They’re synonymous. It seems a few dozen of these little seed pods escaped from the Garden of Stupid and made their way to the Illinois Capitol to voice their support for a bill that’s nothing more than a thumb in the eye of the 2nd Amendment. This public display of grassroots nitwittery belies the money Bloomberg and other sugar daddies have sprinkled among bored housewives, teacher unions, social justice do-gooders, and assorted leftists seeking to glom onto some cheap virtue. However, it’s Illinois’ Uniparty government that allows crap like this bill to be passed by the shameful stooges who are Illinois’ lawmakers.

 Eventually, courts will intervene to tame the tyranny of the majority. But then, isn’t that how the Constitution is supposed to work? Just like the ruling that stalled the Pre-Trial Fairness Act from taking effect on January 1, the courts will defang the Moms’ gun ban before it takes effect. However, the Moms will return, firm in their child-like belief that Chicago’s thugs will stop their killing once the law-abiding citizens outside of Chicago are disarmed and defenseless.

Gary Hetherington

Springfield, Illinois

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