Dear 2023. I have reviewed my trial package for the new year and would like to return it. I find most of the firearms related events are not to my liking and do not fit. Do I have to request an RMA number to return it?

P.S. I was not a big fan of 2022 either…is some refund due or do you just credit it back to my karma credit card?

I have to confess I have been busy this past week haunting internet sources to see the efforts by the Illinois legislature to inflict open and notorious gun control upon us. I have been watching changes and statements being made sometimes hourly much to my horror. I have forgotten to pay any attention to the U.S. BATF who may be up to their own plans and schemes.

The Illinois Senate vote will probably be tomorrow evening, Sunday Jan 8th, 2023. If they don’t get it done, then they just have a cool down lap on Monday and maybe some time on Tuesday and a new legislature gets sworn in Wed. If it doesn’t get voted on by Tuesday night- along with a right to life and a sex ed in schools bill, it dies and will have to be picked up again by the new 2023 legislature- which also features a super majority of Democrats and they will still be able to run anything they want though the capitol and governor regardless of opposition.

The current Illinois anti-gun owner bills, have of course been pushed by the representative from Highland Park, where a deranged murderer killed 7 people at a parade this year. Horrible. Horrible murders. No question. Yet, Chicago killed more than 7 people that same weekend- not a peep about that ongoing genocide. Without getting too far into the weeds here, Chicago had 665 humans shot and killed in 2022, and 3,602 just shot. Highland Park 7, Chicago 665/3602. Math is funny when rich people get killed in the suburbs.

So yes under the current snowflake agenda, if a murderer goes amuck in the suburbs, somebody ought to do something. The liberals put together their awful package of CA/NYC/NJ inspired gun control rules to pretend it would have stopped the Highland Park murderer. It would not. In truth, the only thing they included in the original bill which would have an impact on the scenario, would be to take all gun rights away from adults aged 18-21. Now, they have dropped that portion out of the House bill completely- since it is patently unconstitutional. Thus, the resulting package is just gun control/people control laws over the law abiding plain and simple and inflicted upon the law abiding. Criminals don’t follow the law any way, and changing magazine capacity to 10 or 12 rounds won’t prevent them from using higher standard capacity magazines, it would just be a piling on charge if they are caught.

Oh, and rumor is the Gov wants to run for President starting this summer and wants to show off his tough anti-gun stances in addition to his considerable profile, and how he whipped his large rural state, but not Chicago, into submission. He obviously can’t run on any of the other failed state policies.

With all that going on, you may forgive me for losing track of BATF activity in Washington D.C. You may recall Illinois also banned “ghost guns” with no clear opposition this year-even BATF did not do that. They changed rules about new production of 80% frames, but no outright ban.

Illinois liberals are now going to limit law abiding citizens’ rights to own, possess, buy or sell firearms they are calling “assault rifles” and “assault pistols” “Really assault pistols? Are German WWII Schmeisser a thing again?”…and Russian Stechkin machine pistols listed by name? Whaaa? Have the GD’s gotten hold of Stechkins?” Oh yeah, and “assault shotguns”- like WW1 pump guns? That was the last assault shotgun I know of. Then don’t get me started on their .50 caliber ban for guns which have never ever been used a crime in Illinois!

Anyway, back to our title story with the BATF-watching that Illinois fiasco develop has taken up way too much of my internet time, and I have not paid any attention to our old pals at the BATF and their administrative shenanigans.

One of BATF’s recent darling projects, was bump stock bans, which were spurred by the Las Vegas mass murders (I have never seen proof of any such novelty device being used in the Vegas massacre. Have you?) They changed the admin rules on it, first bump stocks were was legal then it wasn’t legal-yada yada yada. BATF was handed another defeat by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in Louisiana just yesterday when they said the trigger is not self-acting and can’t be considered automatic because it requires a specific action by the shooter.

Today, I find out BATF is going to make a “final rule” on “Stabilizing Braces” this month…and it’s not going to be good for anyone who owns a large pistol with a stabilizing brace attached. They would like that simple device or piece of plastic, to now belong to a new National Firearms Act short-barreled rifle device. Which of course requires submission of forms, fingerprints, permanent engraving of the firearm, and the inability to take it across state lines…oh and of course the federal tax stamp…for this pistol you already own with their previous consent.

“Well it’s going to be illegal if we change our minds, or if we have a liberal administration! It’s a new law based upon what we think! No use bothering to run it through the legislature to make a traditional law…we might run into opposition! So let’s just write a letter and call it a “rule” or “law”.” Yeah, that about sums it up.

Yes, they never liked the wrist brace items or resulting firearms from way back in 2012, but had to let it go for a number of years, and even sent letters to manufacturers confirming the wrist braces were completely legal. Now they are swinging back around and have been leaking and issuing “opinions”, like somebody’s drunk uncle at the holiday table, in letters indicating they don’t like them, and now we find they expect to publish a final “rule” in January of 2023 which will ban common and unregistered use.

The NRA says ATF traditionally issues these new “rules” and such in conjunction with the SHOT show, which is set to run next week in Las Vegas. I guess they want to have that new shiny item to show off at the world’s largest firearms trade show-kind of like car manufacturers getting a new model out to feature at the car shows!

“Hey don’t forget about us! We are able to change federal gun law if we are darn good and ready to do so. It’s an us thing!” Their president also seems to favor suppression of anything “assaulty” so I am sure the agency is being urged on by the White House staff.

I need an aspirin or two and need to quit watching the internet news about all of this. I am sharing news with you for your edification and to blow off steam over the sad feelings how powerless we are to stop the Illinois bill this week. It is awful law.

John Boch was correct when he wrote an article couple weeks ago announcing all the calls and emails and witness slips being sent to the legislators opposing gun control measures are just being ignored along party lines and we are wasting our time. His idea the only real measure to challenge these gun control divas efforts is in the court systems seems to be quite valid and well-grounded in fact. When socialists, fascists and communists took guns away from the law abiding populations of every other country, they always based it on “safety for the people.” Fact Check me to your heart’s content on that.

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  1. While a ‘Bump-Stock’ enhances the amount of repetitive fire power, an ‘Arm Brace’ created a higher safety factor.
    In essence, an Arm Brace’ is the same as using 2 hands to steady a pistol.

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