You always know when you’re over the target when the anti-gun left cries the loudest.  Such is the case in the Des Moines Register as some no-name columnist offers her inept, clueless whining that voters voted to put some teeth in the Second Amendment.  Rekha Basu writes about just how bad the sky is falling at the Des Moines Register.

One of the best results of last week’s midterms — coming out of Florida, no less — was the election to the U.S. House of 25-year-old March for Our Lives organizer Maxwell Alejandro Frost, an advocate for better gun safety-regulations.

One of the worst was the decisive passage, via what some call deceptive wording, of a statewide constitutional amendment giving Iowans an even stronger right “to keep and bear arms” than the Second Amendment already does. It was approved by 65% of Iowa voters.

Oh noes!  Two-thirds of Iowans voted that the Second Amendment means what it says and says what it means.

…The amendment’s adoption represents cynicism in the lawmakers holding their hands out for National Rifle Association money.

The NRA doesn’t hand out much money, sweetheart.  But most folks think the NRA is awash in campaign donations.  

Frankly, the NRA is broke and has been for several years now.

More than half of voters under 35 worry about their safety from gun violence or a mass shooting, according to the gun safety advocacy organization March for Our Lives.  And 22% of 18 -to 29-year-olds who answered a Harvard Youth Poll said gun violence was either the most important or second most important issue they were voting on. Every day, more than 110 people in America are killed with guns, according to Everytown for Gun Safety.

Polls don’t matter when it comes to fundamental Constitutional rights.  Neither do bovine fecal matter stats provided by advocacy groups without a track record for honest reporting.

But that doesn’t matter to Wreck-ha.  She continues her literary train wreck by asserting that voters were too stupid to understand the English language. 

At least a few Iowans say they didn’t realize just by reading it on their ballots the extent of what the amendment would do. A woman who asked to be referred to only by her first name, Taylor, for fear of backlash, lives in Altoona and works in IT. She’s a single parent who says she’s politically “middle of the road.” She emailed me that the question seemed like just “a reiteration of the existing 2nd amendment which I do support under circumstances.” Because her polling place was busy and she had to get to work, she didn’t have time to investigate it further on her phone, and just voted yes.

How long did Wreck-ha have to look to find this woman?  Or is this just some more of the make-believe “reporting” we’ve seen from agenda-driven Democrat operatives with bylines?

She believes the amendment was intentionally worded “to deceive voters into feeling like their right to bear arms was on the line.”

Uh, right.  She was confused.  In a state where half the population is smarter than average, two thirds of people were confused?  Maybe Wreck-ha falls outside that smarter-half of the population… or is writing for that particular demographic.

Iowa becomes the fourth state to have such an amendment. As it is, we have some of the weakest gun laws in the country, and now it will be harder to pass any. As Everytown for Gun Safety puts it, “Iowa has very few remaining gun violence prevention laws after a major inflection point in 2021, when the state legislature voted to eliminate both its permit to purchase and its concealed carry permitting requirement. Just four years earlier, Iowa enacted a Stand Your Ground law.”  

And even after doing all that, none of Iowa has anything approaching the violent crime of Chicago, who has all of those gun control measure Wreck-ha dreams about as she nervously sleeps worried about the next “law-abiding” NRA member who will go off the deep end and start slaughtering newspaper reporters en masse.

Oh wait, that’s never happened.

Wreck-ha’s “opinion” proves that opinions are like rectums.  Everyone’s got one and most of them stink.