Welcome to the circus of Illinois government ahead of the Christmas holidays.  Tuesday marks the first of three legislative days in which Democrats who run the state (like it or not) to modify or gut the “Purge Law” set to release half or more of those in county jails on pre-trial detainment across the Land of Lincoln.  It also marks the time when Republicans in leadership of the House and Senate (both current and incoming) struggle amongst themselves, with the aiding and abetting legacy media outlets (Democrats with bylines) trying to gaslight them into doubling down on failed strategies.  


Final days of Veto session.

First up, the Veto Session.  Sources tell me that they don’t expect Democrats to modify, much less repeal the “No Cash Bail” components of the “Purge Law” which Dems like to call the SAFE-T Act.  The only reason the party of Jim Crow and Segregation (like it or not) is even talking about discussing the bill is the pressure they’ve been under from both sides of the political spectrum all summer and into the fall.


Elections embolden Democrats…  and today’s ballot harvesting vs. yesterday’s get out the vote…

However the election gave them cover to double down, as Democrats did very well.  They did well not because Illinois voters are supporting policies they champion.  Dems did well because they’re using tomorrow’s strategies of harvesting ballots while Republicans are using yesterday’s strategies of “get out the vote” operations with voters.   He who uses tomorrows tactics wins over those using yesterday’s tactics.

We’re sure (cough) that Democrats aren’t collecting uncompleted ballots from entire households, apartment complexes and nursing homes and then filling them out and dumping them in ballot collection boxes (cough cough).  It’s amazing what people will do when groups will pay $20-25 per uncompleted ballot to “process.”   Or in other cases, just pay a voter $20 for them to fill out their own ballots (appropriately).  Just like they pay money to people to collect ballot signatures.  You don’t think those shabbily-dressed people signing up voter registrations in not-so-nice locales are doing it because of a burning desire to increase resident participation in the democratic process, do you?  (Lowercase ‘d’, no.  Uppercase “D”, could be?)


Meanwhile Republicans in disarray.

Leave it to Republicans to continue their descent into irrelevancy though “moderate” leadership, with the help of the legacy media who may as well be Democrat operatives with bylines.

From the Chicago Tribune via MSN:

State Rep. Tony McCombie says GOP needs to ‘move forward’ after tough election as she takes over a diminished House caucus

Move forward?  Hopefully that’s not political speak for “move left.”  But there’s far more hope for Tony McCombie than John Curran.  More on him in a moment.

Representing a largely rural district outside the Quad Cities in northwestern Illinois, she will be the first woman to lead a House caucus for either party, a distinction she downplayed a day after the vote. McCombie told a throng of reporters in her new statehouse office that “women get things done” but said she doesn’t want to be defined by her gender.

If she had a (D) behind her name, you would hear endless platitudes and great features about a woman breaking the glass ceiling in state government…

“You shouldn’t be chosen because you’re a woman,” she said. “You should be chosen because you’re the right person.”

Welch, the state’s first Black House speaker, congratulated her “as a fellow history maker” and said he hopes her selection signals a fresh start for Democrats and Republicans in the chamber to work together.

“Obviously, we have some sincere disagreements, but I also respect Leader McCombie’s commitment to those who have elected her to serve,” Welch said in a statement.

Welch’s words belie the reality that Democrats don’t need much help from McCombie’s side of the aisle to get anything done. She’s taking over a caucus badly battered in the recent election, when House Democrats increased an already sizable 73-45 supermajority to a 78-40 edge.

Emphasis added.  Exactly.  Last session, with the GOP in the superminority, the Donkey Party didn’t care about “other parties” views.  They didn’t give the other party any opportunities to advance their proposals and at times “leadership” pretty much shut off debate without hearing both sides of an issue. 

Illinois has single-party rule and the GOP are there only to catch blame when the supermajority party decisions don’t pan out for them.

And now, in an election where the party of Lincoln did exceptionally poorly for a couple of reasons, including not participating in the ballot harvesting game (see above), the Chicago Tribune (Dems with bylines) offers appropriate analysis to their political enemies along with some “great” advice to continue their losing streak.

Illinois’ GOP has alienated many of its traditional, moderate voters with the embrace by many in the party, particularly in southern parts of the state, of far-right ideologies. As the first downstate representative to lead House Republicans since George Ryan 40 years ago, McCombie stressed the need for the GOP to attract new supporters.

Leave it to the Chicago Tribune to helpfully gaslight offer their input to Land of Lincoln Republicans… 

The Chicago Tribune remains fake news.  The Illinois GOP alienated many of its traditional conservative voters by failing to articulate conservative principles like America first.  Instead of advocating for American families – including expressly working-class families – the establishment GOP acted like… timid losers.  

In fact, the House Republican leadership of Jim Low-T Durkin spent almost its entire warchest in the primaries trying to boost Durkin loyalists to victory instead of using that money to win the general election.  They little Jimmy failed to raise even a million bucks last time I checked to make a dime’s worth of difference in the November election.  Meanwhile, JB Pritzker spent tens of millions of his own fortune for his fellow Dems. 

Why should traditional GOP voters donate to the party that allows its members to ignore party platform positions and advocate for gun control?  In fact, the GOP’s “leader” in the Illinois House ahead of the election – Jim Durkin – publicly supported gun control as an example.  Why should traditional GOP voters break out the checkbook to support leadership like that of “Please address me as Leader” Jimmy Low-T Durkin and turn out to support a fouled-up, low-T candidate like Scott Preston who advocates for gun control?  They’re not and they didn’t.  

The good news is Tony McCombie’s got a bigger set of cojones than Jimmy Durkin and Scott Preston combined.

Add in the ballot harvesting ground game and you see why Democrats trounced Republicans in our state.  While our state isn’t exactly like Florida, it isn’t that far out-of-step with the Sunshine State.  And we say Dems do very poorly in Florida thanks to anti-ballot harvesting laws, along with strict rules on voting including a prohibition on mail-in voting except for absentee ballots for good cause.

Meanwhile, over in the Illinois Senate, we now have minority “leader” John Curran.  Or is is Jim Curran?

His first priority:  “Bring balance to state government.”  BBTSG.  Wow, that’s a winning strategy.

What a fornicating idiot.

From Capitol News Illinois:

SPRINGFIELD – Senate Minority Leader-elect John Curran will take over a caucus that’s more than doubled in size by the majority-party Democrats.

His goal: “Bring balance to state government.”

“Because we’re going to produce better results with that balance for working families throughout all Illinois communities,” Curran said in an interview with Capitol News Illinois on Wednesday, one day after being chosen as the GOP’s next minority leader.

“Because we’re going to produce better results with that balance for working families throughout all Illinois communities,” Curran said in an interview with Capitol News Illinois on Wednesday, one day after being chosen as the GOP’s next minority leader.

The Republican from southwest suburban Downers Grove has served in the General Assembly since 2017. In January, he’ll take over for Minority Leader Dan McConchie, a Hawthorn Woods Republican who was chosen for the post in November 2020, but whose caucus chose a new route by electing Curran this week.

“There’s no pivot,” Curran said. “We all sit at one table, this is a few people changing seats, just a couple of different roles as we go forward. But, you know, really, this is about us being a unified caucus.”

THIS is leadership?

This isn’t leadership and it doesn’t inspire confidence.  We had respect for Dan McConchie, who sadly resigned his leadership role because of the what he considered poor performance of picking up a seat in this past election cycle.

Who gives a flip if you’re unified if you’re irrelevant?  And “unified” just means unified behind the weakest link in your caucus, which is spelled “loser.”

Until and unless John Curran can figure out a better plan than BBTSG that resonates with not only conservatives but normals across our state – including in Chicago – he’ll be lucky to keep 19 seats after the 2024 elections.  Especially if the eGOP doesn’t up their ground game harvesting ballots.

After all, it’s not like normals aren’t upset about apolitical topics grooming children in public schools and the insane crime problem increasingly saturating every nook and cranny of our state…

3 thoughts on “OPINION: Final 3 Days of Veto Session to modify “Purge Law” – don’t expect much; IL super-minority Republicans struggle with weak leadership and mainstream media trying to gaslight them…”
  1. This is my opinion…..

    Illinois is a lost cause for Conservatives, Christians and Patriots.

    In China the Youth have adapted a slogan called “Bai Lan” which means “Let it Rot”

    The younger generations are saying; they want food, not PCR Tests. They want freedom, not lockdowns. They want respect, not lies. They want reform, not a Cultural Revolution. They want a vote, not a leader. They want to be citizens, not slaves.”

    In Illinois; I guess the majority wants to live on their knees.

    My Opinion; let the safe-T-Act stay and “Let it [Chicago] Rot”

  2. Gipper’s Ghost on November 28, 2022 at 7:31 pm
    Problem is, the (UN)safe-T-act affects far more than just Chitcago.

    Thank you for your reply. I understand your concerns. I am aware the new law will put innocent Illinoisans across the state in harms way.

    I remember when Illinois was a GREAT American State and Chicago was a GREAT American City, where family values and a Love of Life and Liberty had meaning.

    PLEASE remember that 40 years ago Illinois voted conservative.

    Today, children pee in the corners of school restrooms, because they think they are a Cat gender and need a Litter Box.

    My comments on “Bai Lan”; is sometimes, we just have to let go.

    Illinois is a lost cause.

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