We encourage our readers to leave a comment on stories.  We ended commenting a couple of years ago after abuse and a malicious hack attack enabled through comments. 

We’ve made some changes and have successfully launched our new system in the past few weeks.

Basically, if you’ve had a comment approved in the past, if you use your same nickname and email address, subsequent comments will be automatically approved and posted real-time.  

This will allow us welcome good people while keeping racists, haters and social maladjusted bums named Ken who can’t play nice with others outside of our home.  They can throw their temper tantrums, along with rocks and threats all day long, but they can’t come in and play with the adults.

Welcome to the prudent and responsible out there.  

11 thoughts on “Housekeeping: Comments enabled…”
  1. So I guess the free speech you guys are always crying about isn’t really a thing here then?

    1. Trump didn’t lose.

      You have the absolute right to free speech. You have no rights to use this platform to articulate objectionable speech. You’re in our house. Be polite and civil or you’ll merely watch from afar.

  2. Epstein did not hang himself.

    I have some interesting Second Amendment litigation coming up. I’ll keep you posted.

    1. Are you “Ken” the cop-hater? If you are the old “kenny-boy” PLEASE GO AWAY!!!

      Trump 2020 WON, the Biden crime enterprise and Fed Bureau of Intimidation manufactured too many “votes” (aka: ballots) to lose.

      Trump 2024!!

  3. Oh John why don’t you use that Infamous ban hammer on Ol Sam Whittemore there whose first comment when allowed to comment is profane and insulting directed against one individual?

    1. Because you’re fair game. Assuming you’re the infamous ad hominem person he was referring to…

  4. I’ve had many comments approved in the past. So why do mine still show waiting moderation?

    1. If it continues, I’ll create some credentials for you that allow you to skip the comment filters.

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