Sometimes people can really become butthurt over their perceived entitlements.  Take our old buddy “Ken.”  We gave him lots and lots of rope and he fashioned his own noose, rhetorically speaking.  For many months, he lobbed all manner of defamatory, derogatory, and pejorative comments to stories at Guns Save Life.

So we banned him.  He then used various techniques to defeat our ban and continue to post vile, ugly, even worse stuff.

It became so problematic that we suspended comments from the website.

We’ve upgraded our comment filtering software and re-started commenting because comments overwhelmingly add meaning, value and oftentimes great information to the stories we post.  Ken returned, and in a manner of days, returned to his old ways.

So we’re no longer allowing him to play with the adults in the room.

Now he’s acting out like a spoiled brat who, after twenty-six years of participation trophies and mommy and daddy supporting him and acceding to his every whim and demand, he’s now out on his own and someone delivered a hard “NO” to him.

No, Ken.  You’re done.  Go find another platform to spew your trash.  You’re done here.

Here’s the email he sent tonight, in which he threatens legal action (giggle giggle).  It’d be different if his was the first legal-sounding threat of litigation we’ve ever received.  But we’ve done this for twenty years and received our fair share of legal threats.  Including a few from big dollar law firms (ask Rich Pearson about one from long ago if you doubt that…)


Demand for Retraction of Defamatory Statements on

I tried to post the following directly on your website but was BLOCKED, perhaps by implementation of that infamous “ban hammer” John Boch yields so cavalierly:

Attention John Boch, Guns Save Life, Inc., and, you have DEFAMED ME.

I respectfully DEMAND that you immediately retract your defamatory statements on the same site you published them, AND anywhere else you published them.  Identify every discrete user of your website that may have accessed such URL as herein described and contact EACH USER individually, retracting your defamatory statements.  

I am NOT a racist. I am NOT a hater.  I am not a social maladjusted bum.  If you want to waste your “charitable” contributions defending litigation, just keep it up.

Your statements are DEMONSTRABLY factually untrue and are, therefore, defamatory.

These words are actionable and I will pursue PUNITIVE DAMAGES against you and your little circle-jerking club if you do not IMMEDIATELY retract them.  

I also remind you of your words below:

“This will allow us welcome good people while keeping [DEFAMATORY MATTER DELETED SO AS NOT TO CONSTITUTE REPUBLICATION] named Ken who can’t play nice with others outside of our home.  They can throw their temper tantrums, along with rocks and threats all day long, but they can’t come in and play with the adults.”

And, when I have you in court, JB, I’ll ask you to describe your words of describing Governor Jabba’s quite-lovely and attractive daughter as an “instathot.”

And, you’ll be compelled, on the witness stand, to explain why ol’ Sam Whittemore is free to use profanity in describing ME, but my simple disagreeing with you on politically sensitive topics earns ME the infamous “ban hammer.”

You, sir, have crossed a line here tonight, and must needs correct your errors. I humbly suggest you heed your own inimitable words, “be polite and civil” or you will be haled into Circuit Court to defend a defamation suit.  

We will have to confer to discuss damages you will pay to me for the number of persons who have already seen your words or will see them between initial publication and the date and time of your retraction.

Finally, to the BOARD:  YOU really need to put a muzzle and a leash on Boch.  If you’re unfamiliar with his INSULTS to Governor Pritzker’s daughter, just ask.  It is EVIL for a grown man to call a young woman what in modern parlance is tantamount to “whore” because you disagree with her father on politics, and that is what Boch did, and not ONE WOMAN or MAN on your site condemned him for it. SHAME ON YOU ALL!  I will be letting the Governor know.  

You really want to waste your time in court, in a “Guns Save LIfe” legal counsel ENRICHMENT scheme, I’m just your Huckleberry, Mr. Boch!  

Thank you.


And here’s the abbreviated reply:




6 thoughts on “LAWSUIT THREAT #19? or 20? ‘Ken’ threatens legal action because we blocked his pejorative, disruptive, defamatory and ad hominem attacks…”
  1. Oh my what an unhappy fellow and I doubt it ever gets any better for him. It is the real world out here and disruptive people are not appreciated by those of us that like to read and/or contribute to an honest discussion.
    This is a private board not run by the government where it would be bound by the 1st Amendment. This is a privately owned site that is available to the public and to participate you must follow the rules. I left the state of Illinois and am a member of a 2A forum there, I won’t mention which one because I don’t want to give “Ken” the idea of expanding his delusional little world by joining there. Of course that forum would slap him with the “ban hammer” in no time at all. Just like here it is privately owned and you must play by the rules or you will be gone.

  2. Sounds like Ken is quite the American patriot. A legend in his own mind. Maybe a little Napoleon complex?

  3. Ken has completely lost his marbles about us posting his email… and our response. And my recommendation that our board members block his emails as he’s spamming their emails with more legal promises.

    By the way, the IP address of his latest two posts is from Rantoul, IL.

    I had no idea that our “Ken” was from Champaign County.

    If anyone knows the identity of this “Ken” character, you might check on him. I think he might be on the verge of a mental breakdown. Hopefully he won’t visit my house to “even the score.”

  4. So Ken is actually anonymous, but yet he’s been defamed. He surely doesn’t have the brain power to ask himself how a person who is not even known beyond a screen name can be defamed.
    If he is indeed from Rantoul, just for giggles invite him to the next meeting and give him the podium for a few minutes. Could be entertaining.

  5. Sounds like ol’ “kenny-boy” is on the verge of mental deficiency, or maybe already “over the edge” to insanity. After all this time, normal persons would move on with their life but “kenny-boy” cannot move past his assumed “slights”. Poor, pour, pitiful pathetic looser.

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