Prudent gun owners will protect their liberty and their assets from the legal aftermath of a use of force incident. Many of our GSL family carry such coverage and for good reason: a criminal trial can bankrupt the average person. But the alternative is spending years in prison and losing all of your personal assets in a wrongful death or injury lawsuit.

There are a lot of companies out there who offer this coverage. I’ve studied the pros and cons of easily a dozen and all are a little different. Long ago, I signed on as a member of Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. From an affordability standpoint, they offer an even greater value for the money today. Why? In part because they’re not paying sales people. For about $135 for the first year (less with discounts or renewals, see below), they now offer up to $3 MILLION in coverage for a member in the aftermath of a righteous use of force in self-defense.

I’ve met and even trained under ACLDN founder Marty Hayes and met the staff a few times. They know me by name too. They are good people and their “What Every Gun Owner Needs To Know About Self-Defense Law” booklet is must-read material, available to everyone for free via the ACLDN website.

With nearly 20,000 members and growing, they’ve had some claims. It’s inevitable. To date, they’ve helped twenty-nine people deal with the legal aftermath of using force by paying for attorneys and expert witnesses as needed.

Armed Citizens coverage is good in all 50 states. What’s more, you can retain your own attorney or they can provide you with a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney no matter where you’re at. They will pay for legal representation to defend you in any lawful use-of-force, from empty hands/Martial arts to pepper spray to deadly force.

Discounts: ACLDN has discounts for spouses and multi-year plans when paid up front. There’s also a first-year $25 discount and they’ll treat you like family if you mention GSL (or John Boch) when you sign up. Neither GSL nor myself are getting commission checks or free trips to the Bahamas on this. I recommend ACLDN because I think it’s the most affordable and most versatile plan out there. My endorsements aren’t for sale, period.

With the Purge Law releases of violent criminals coming on January 1st, this seems like a prudent purchase to make right now. Call 1-888-508-3404 or sign up online at

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  1. Right on advice John! Been a member for several years and love the ACLDN. They don’t pester you and try to get you to buy anything else. The videos they provided when signing up with them are great too!

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