GSL’s new Vice-President John Coyne forwarded us this story from an Illinois Gun Owners Together member who experienced yet another “active shooter” on the streets outside his condo in his Jefferson Park neighborhood. This time though, he had a Glock in his hand.

It happened in a solidly middle-class neighborhood in Chicago. Part of the formerly “nice” part of the Windy City. A text message received by John Coyne:

Thank you, John. Seriously. I watched another active shooter head towards my condo last night. As unlikely as it would be for him to make his way to my specific condo, I felt a LOT better having my GLOCK in my hand for the next SEVEN minutes until the police arrived.

The police didn’t do much of an investigation. Instead, they rushed to the next call involving two men who had just been shot at a park nearby. That shooting might be related to this exchange of gunfire minutes before police arrived in the above photo…

Nobody is in custody over either of the shootings. But then again, Chicago Police identify suspects in less than 5% of non-fatal gunshot wounds.

Welcome to America’s largest open-air shooting range.

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