Many on the gun-rights hating political left in America believe the political right’s speech is violence…  and as such, they believe their violence against the right is their “free speech.”  They feel righteous in turning to violence.  The examples run wide and deep, but the grisly death threat by a University of Illinois Chicago (soon to be former?) student against IL gubernatorial candidate (and GSL member) Darren Bailey might just take the cake.

The violence has been going on for a long time, including from here in Illinois.  Remember James Hogkinson who tried to assassinate the Republican Congressional charity softball team in 2017?  He was a 66-year-old radical leftist in his political life in the Belleville / St. Clair County Illinois area.  In his professional life, he was a super-opinionated home inspector whose business failed because of his caustic personality, along with his pushy demeanor and wing-nut political beliefs.

After his home inspection business failed, he remained unemployed.  Later, in 2017, he travelled to Alexandria, VA and tried to assassinate the Republican Congressional charity softball team.

Of course, the media covered the radical left politics of Mr. H.  With a pillow.

Other incidents happened here and there, including an organizer for the “March for Our Lives” gun control organization attempting to assassinate a candidate for mayor in Louisville.  And then earlier this summer when a leftist tried to stab New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.  And an anti-gun Democrat elected official in Las Vegas, Nevada stabbed an investigative reporter to death because the official was upset over some reporting.

Or how about the dirtbag in North Dakota who ran over and killed an 18-year-old after a political disagreement.  The killer told police the kid was a “political extremist.”

And in just the last few days, Illinois Secretary of State Police arrested some spoiled rich kid who lived in the posh Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago…

From RedState:

In the last days before the election, we’ve been seeing an uptick in violence and threats from folks from people on the left against people on the right over campaigns and the election. We reported on the violence against New Hampshire state Senate candidate Lou Garguilo, who said that he had a truck drive at him and his supporters, someone threw a coffee at him, and another person threw a power tool battery at his wife’s head.

There was another incident a few days ago. Scott Lennox was arrested after allegedly threatening Darren Bailey, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Illinois, in a voicemail.

Warning for graphic language

“I am going to skin Darren Bailey alive, making sure he is still alive. And I’m going to feed his f*cking family to him, as he is alive and screaming in f*cking pain.”

“He is a piece of white *ss racist sh*t and, honestly, if he doesn’t kill himself, I will. You know what. I know where he lives. I know where he sleeps. I know where his kids sleep. And I know the f*cking school he works at,” Lennox allegedly continued.

Lennox added that he would never shoot up a school, but Bailey is teaching “all this motherf*cking misinformation [and] is going to die. So, honestly, he should just kill himself before anything else happens.”

He went on to make statements about abortion, Scaduto said, but she did not detail those comments.
That practically screams like he’s absorbed the Democratic talking points against Republicans. When they tracked down the guy, he reportedly was proud of what he had done. “I literally made it so he and his entire family is on lockdown. I love it,” he supposedly said.

Then on Sunday, there was a report about “white powder” being sent to the Kari Lake campaign and one person who opened the mail being hospitalized as a precaution.

There was also violence directed at protesters at an event for Kathy Hochul. According to a female protester, she was holding up a sign that said “Vote them out” on the street at the event when she was attacked.  A video by Viral News NY shows the woman being held by an NYC council person while at the same time being choked by a man.

The election is tomorrow folks.  In any jurisdiction where Democrats lose, be on guard for potential violence.  Especially if you attend any political events for candidates who support your right to keep and bear arms.