America has two plus years of Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” administration remaining. Thus far, his term has proven itself an unmitigated disaster for America and Americans.

Are you ready for the last of it?

We should pray he doesn’t serve up a nuclear war for good measure as part of his flawed “Build Back Better” agenda.

After just the first year, his radical policies curtailing American drilling, killing pipelines like the Keystone and a bevy of new regulations have turned our nation from an energy exporter to an energy importer. And now, just like back in the days of Jimmy Carter, OPEC has us by the throat. And now it seems we’re negotiating to buy Venezuelan and Iranian oil instead of drilling our own. Nice job, Brandon.

And now gas prices are headed back up, again.  Remember, in addition to 82 cents per gallon in state and federal taxes on gas here in the Land of Lincoln, municipalities may also add local taxes into the mix. And then sales tax on top of all that. It’s taxes upon taxes.

While Biden and friends (like Native-American Elizabeth Warren, for instance) blames “greedy” oil companies for high gas prices, there’s several times more taxes collected than profit earned on every gallon sold.

Hopefully gas won’t go too high, or the economy will continue to struggle as consumers won’t have the money to buy goods, services and restaurant food.

In other words, hopefully hundred dollar bill will fill a car and not merely top it off.

Then there’s the prices of electricity and natural gas (and propane) that are going up sharply.  It’s going to be an expensive winter to heat our homes.  But at least we can be thankful we don’t live in California where power is over 50 cents per kilowatt hour.  Or that we don’t live in Europe and not have enough natural gas to make it through the winter. 

However, under Pritzker and the people running the Illinois legislature, they sure look like they’re trying to have a “hold my beer and watch this” moment with the energy bill signed last summer.  We dodged power outages this summer, but the bar will be lower next summer thanks to more closures of carbon-fueled power plants.

All we need are a few high 90s days with temps only receding into the 80s at night, along with a few more Teslas and Rivians in your neighborhood to literally blow things up.  Those transformers passively cool at night, but in neighborhoods with electric cars, they’re running hot all the time.  Add the strain of air conditioners through the night to the mix, and Ameren employees are gonna make some serious overtime bucks and the rest of us are going to be power-free unless we’ve got contingency plans to burn some dead dinosaurs to generate our own juice.

Related to the energy shortage, now two-thirds of the world’s fertilizer supply is offline because of energy shortages and export restrictions.  And the remaining supply has tripled or quadrupled in price.

Meanwhile, a third of the world’s grain production is down.  Droughts are limiting yields in many place.  Other nations are banning exports. Adding to the mess, farmers will suffer declining yields because of a lack of available (or affordable) fertilizer.

Much higher input costs (like fuel, chemicals and fertilizer) coupled with scarcity will lead to much higher grain and food prices world-wide. Expect food shortages in some poorer regions.  By next year, famines will be happening in many developing countries, or second- and third-world places. 

Food shortages can and do lead to political instability and wars.

Your personal finances.
Did you notice how Canada’s government arbitrarily froze bank accounts of Canadians protesting against their government earlier this year?

Have you noticed how the West has declared World War Woke against Russia and its citizenry? For instance, Apple Pay and Google Pay reportedly stopped working for everyday Russians using their smart phones to make payments in the days after the Ukrainian invasion. VISA and MasterCard have followed suit.

Is it a bridge too far for Biden and his woke corporate buddies to implement similar actions against Biden’s political opponents here in America?

The truckers in Canada likely never dreamed their country’s leaders would block them from their bank accounts for truly peaceful protests. And everyday folks in Russia probably never expected something like this would happen to them, either.

But what if it’s more than politics? Maybe Brandon and his woke corporate pals go after gun shops and gun owners by cancelling us from banking, shopping or services?

If you’ve gotten away from carrying cash for the ease of electronic payment systems, you might want to resume carrying some cash for emergencies.

Furthermore, if you have the means to do so, you might keep one to two months’ of household expenses in cash, safely stored at home, for your family in case you’re cut off from your banking, credit cards or electronic payment systems.

Stagflation, a declining standard of living… and crime. Lots of crime.
What do you think will happen to crime if the economy stalls, food and fuel prices skyrocket, product shortages continue to worsen and so-called “stagflation” kicks in?

You don’t need to guess. Just look back to the Carter years if you’re old enough. It could be worse though. If China moves on Taiwan or Russia gets more aggressive in Ukraine and things escalate to impact our way of life more than they already are under Biden’s handlers (because Joe’s not smart enough to microwave a cup of water), America’s standard of living will even lower than Old Joe’s Depends.  We need semiconductor chips to keep our economy running. Without a steady stream of product from Taiwan, there will be big problems.

Things you should be doing right now
Buy guns and ammo if you don’t have them. Learn how to use them. Knowledge is power: learn self-defense life skills. Get self-defense “insurance.” Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Yes, ammo is pricey now. A year or three from now, today’s prices will probably look like a bargain.

Make sure you’ve got two to four weeks of shelf-stable foods stored away.  Along with pet food.  And a couple of cases of bottled water and a way to make more potable water.  Have flashlights, batteries, radios and all the usual stuff.  What is all the usual stuff?  See  They do everything except self-defense reasonably well.

If you’ve got a freezer stocked full of meats and other foods, you better have a generator.  Buy an inverter generator.  Yes, they are pricier, but they’re quieter and sip gas.  And they weigh a LOT less.  Store some fuel for it too.  Ditto if you have a C-PAP or other medical devices.  A generator makes life a LOT better.

If you live in an apartment, build relationships with friends or family where you can retreat to if things go south.  Keep gas in your car so you can leave with some of your stuff in an emergency or if things get “unsafe” in your apartment complex.

Maybe most importantly, make sure you and your friends vote for candidates that support your right to own guns without more government restrictions. Support candidates who don’t look upon “freedom” as something bad and who put America, not China, first.

Get a checkup with your doctor while you still can.  Lay in at least 90 days of medication needed to sustain your life or your standard of life.  Even if it means paying out of pocket.  (Or you can try 

Get to know your neighbors, too.  Make yourself a resource for them.  They can be a great resource for you as well.  

Our health and welfare may depend upon these next two elections. Indeed, our lives may depend upon on electing politicians who aren’t bought and paid for by China.  


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  1. Don’t worry. We are prepping like never before. I Think we are going to be in another war soon. This time though, I think it’s going to have a negative impact on the lives of every day Americans.

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