When billionaire businessman and Democrat governor of Illinois starts losing Chicago political types, you know things are bad.  And now former WGN political reporter Charles Thomas speaks out.  He left the Democrat plantation in saying that he could trust Darren Bailey.

And now he’s taking a beating from Democrats upset about his “lost” status.

And John Kass writes about it.

I once thought the only journalism award worth a fig was the Refrigerator Prize, when readers would cut out a column or story from the local paper and and fix it to a refrigerator magnet so the entire family (or workplace) could see.

But who cuts out columns from the papers these days? Are the papers offering compelling columns or just more bland and corporately safe politically correct mush that no one feels like reading anyway?

Today there is a new award.

Retired veteran Chicago WLS-TV political reporter Charles Thomas, a POC or “person of color,” now a political consultant, has just been handed the first ever “No Chumbolone Zone” Award on the latest edition of The Chicago Way podcast. To listen to the “No Chumbolone Zone Award ceremony, just click the link here.

It isn’t a journalism award. It goes to citizens who express courage. Every month I hand out the Golden Moutza of the Month to idiots nominated by readers. But the “No Chumbolone Zone” Award is much different. Those who enter the zone declare themselves not to be chumbolones.

Think of it as a profile in courage award, even though it comes from the lips of a Chicago Outfit messenger. Some of you know the history, others do not. I was there. Here’s the background on  the “No Chumbolone Zone” award.

What’s a Chumbolone?  An idiot.  

From Urban Dictionary:

1. A person who is notably stupid or severely lacking in judgment.

2. A resident of Chicago who accepts endless tax increases and pervasive corruption; a chump.


No chumbolone: Charles Thomas.

Back to John Kass.

And now Charles Thomas is the first recipient of the No Chumbolone Zone award.

How did Thomas earn the prestigious award? He thought for himself. And thinking for himself caused him to walk off the political plantation with those white liberal corporate legacy media overseers, who just assume that a black man should think a certain way, and that way should be the Democrat way.

But Thomas refused to play that way.

Thomas  enraged white leftist media in Chicago by endorsing conservative downstate Republican, State Sen. Darren Bailey, R-Xenia for governor against Democratic billionaire Gov. J.B. Pritzker. Thomas cut some devastating ads on Bailey’s behalf, one on Bailey as a family farmer and my favorite about billionaire J.B. Pritzker born on third base bragging that he hit a triple.

Thomas did the ads working with conservative radio host Dan Proft for the pro-Bailey political action committee, People Who Play by the Rules. The political establishment in Illinois is left wing. And Pritzker subsidizes it. The journos who were upset by Thomas would certainly burn Proft at the stake for heretics if they could.

White leftist media types just can’t stand black people leaving the Democrat Party political plantation. And so, they just hated it when Thomas told other black voters to run away from that plantation before an election.

White liberal journos hurled insults at Thomas that they would never hurl at another person of color. It was easy for them. Thomas sees the Democrat Party as hurtful to black people in America.

Thomas also hit Pritzker for failing to live up to his promises of equity when Illinois adopted medical marijuana.  Blacks got NOTHING according to Thomas.

Waiting for Charles Thomas to talk about Pritzker’s passion for failed gun control and high Chicago crime in the next ad to drop.