Remember when just two weeks ago, Lady Box Wine and Botox herself appeared on one of the late-night talk shows to make a confident pronouncement:  “We will hold the House”?

Well, like a woman who drinks far too much, that comment hasn’t aged well.

That’s right:  There’s trouble out there for anti-gun Democrats here in the U. S. of A.  Democrats are writing off formerly “safe” Congressional districts where President Depends Diapers won by six and eight points to re-direct monies to defend districts the Groper-in-Chief won by 13+ points.

Oh, it’s true.

From PJ Media.

Some “safe seats” aren’t very safe anymore for suddenly vulnerable Democrats, and that has panicked PACs moving campaign dollars to protect previously invulnerable seats.

We’re down to the wire in Election 2022, and stuff just got real.

Today’s news takes us to deep blue Oregon, where onetime shoo-in Kurt Schrader just got the rug pulled out from under him by his own Democrat Party as he fights off Republican Amy Ryan Courser. According to AdImpact (as spotted by Josh Kraushaar), party ad spending for Schrader in the 5th district was shifted to the 6th to boost Andrea Salinas against Republican Mike Erickson.

Maybe you’re thinking this kind of thing happens all the time, and it does.

But it doesn’t often happen that Democrats appear to be writing off a district that Presidentish Joe Biden won in 2020 by nine points, to shore up a district that Biden won by 13 points.

If 10-and-up is the Democrats’ new firewall, they’re in bigger trouble than even I imagined. Complicating things even more for Oregon Democrats, gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek (looking to replace the outgoing and execrable Kate Brown) regularly polls behind Republican Christine Drazan.

Hint:  It isn’t just the House seats.

Today, I had a very frank conversation with Kathy Salvi.  She’s closed the gap between herself and the anti-gun incumbent from 9 points to 4 points in the last ten days or so.  Let’s face it, Tammy Duckworth is a back-bencher yes-woman to Chuckie Schumer.  Does Tammy ever have an original idea in her head?  Or is raising her baby taking up too much of her time?  Or was it babies?

Some other polling shows rabidly PRO-gun (and GSL member) Darren Bailey within a couple of points of Governor Jelly Bean despite Pritzker out-spending him by at least two to one.

Which brings us back to Mr. Biden.

Is Joe hoping for a Sportsman’s double?

Poor kid.

Hopefully Ol’ Joe will come to Illinois to campaign for Pritzker, Duckworth and a host of other anti-gun Democrats.  And maybe get some sniffs and gropes along the way of their family members.