News hot off the presses.  GSL member Darren Bailey, the obviously strongly pro-gun candidate for governor, has pulled to within a statistical dead heat with multi-billionaire JB Pritzker.

What’s more, Pritzker’s negatives are significantly higher than Bailey’s.

One other point:  Would anyone besides me believe that JB Pritzker is funding, one way or another, the Libertarian candidate for governor?  After all, Scott Schluter is acting as a spoiler in this race.  

Here it is, from NewsMax:

Republican Darren Bailey has moved into a virtual tie with Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker in the race for Illinois chief executive, according to new survey.

Bailey received 42% and Pritzker 44% among likely voters, with a plus-minus 4% margin of error, in the new Osage Research poll. Libertarian Scott Schluter received 4%.

Pritzker also had a larger unfavorable rating than Bailey, 47% to 40%.

A total of 62% of likely Illinois voters said they either would consider another candidate other than Pritzker (27%), or would vote to replace the governor regardless of who ran against him (35%).

The survey also found that 56% said Illinois generally was on the wrong track, with 35% saying the state was headed in the right direction. Another 10% did not know or refused to choose.

When asked to agree or disagree with the statement they were “personally better off after four-years of J.B. Pritzker as our governor,” 45% agreed, 48% disagreed, and 8% were undecided or refused to answer.

Presented with the statement, “Darren Bailey will keep us safer than J.B. Pritzker,” 45% agreed and 44% disagreed, with 12% undecided or refusing to answer.

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