Scott Preston

Meet Scott Preston.

Ask Scott Preston how to wreck your campaign as a downstate Republican. He’s running for State Rep in the 91st district straddling Bloomington and Peoria. He had a pretty easy race until he came out supporting “commonsense [sic] gun control” in one of his mailers.

Nice proof reading, by the way.  On a campaign mailer!

His anti-gun position might not kill him in this election, but like slitting your wrists, it’ll leave you scarred for life if you survive it.

Preston enjoyed a at least five mailings during the primary from the Illinois Republican party under the so-called leadership of Leader Jim Durkin who has led mostly pro-gun Republicans to super-minority status in the House.


Because “Leader Durkin” wanted a loyalist who would vote for Durkin as the minority leader, as opposed to a true conservative who actually supports gun rights.

Even though supporting gun rights is part of the Republican party platform.

We believe that day-to-day safety and security in our local communities is critical. Therefore,
we strongly endorse and support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,
which states, in part, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” As
a result, we oppose any efforts by the state or municipalities to impede the right of law-abiding
citizens to keep and bear arms.
We believe in the use of criminal background checks by licensed firearms dealers.
We oppose any effort to make public any personal information from FOID cards.
We support the statutory repeal of the FOID Act.
We support continued enactment of “Concealed Carry” legislation

“Common sense gun legislation” is NOT there.

Maybe Scott will get his head screwed on straight if he manages to win this election and support gun rights.  Otherwise he might face a primary challenge in two years.

One thought on “‘BACK COMMON SENSE GUN LEGISLATION’: NOT TOO SMART: How to cripple your downstate House campaign in four (or five) words.”
  1. While I certainly condemn him for his stance on gun control I have read that item posted above and I see no grammatical and no punctuation errors in it. I see one hyphenated word which is perfectly correct and usable and I see one long word which is also perfectly correct and usable.

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