Meet Dennis Reboletti.
He’s a former Assistant State’s Attorney and State Representative.  He has been retired for a few years.  He has decided to run for Senate this year in Senate District 23 against Sen. Suzy Glowiak.  Needless to say Sen. Glowiak is not our friend.  Reboletti has carried an A+ rating by NRA and filled out a perfect ISRA survey.  
There are quite a few legislators in the suburbs that are shying away from any formal endorsement from gun groups.  To an extent I understand their dilemma in this post Highland Park environment.   Dennis Reboletti has held true to his beliefs and has embraced the 2A issue and has formally asked for our help.  He will not back down.  He is also getting attacked almost every week with a mailer about guns.  
We should all use our contacts in the 23rd Senate district to motivate our friends to vote.  We need yard signs, precinct walkers if we can get them, friend to friend cards, we need commitments to vote and to tell our friends and family to vote.  
This race is a dead heat and I would love to say the 2A community helped put Dennis Reboletti over the top!