by Dale Lock
GSL President
If I see someone drowning in the Sangamon River, I don’t ask about preferred pronouns. I don’t care what color they are, who they voted for or who they worship. Instead, I would help them. It’s the righteous, noble and Christian thing to do.

In America today, many blacks and other big city folks are drowning in violence. They deserve the same right to defense that I want for myself. The same goes for the LGBT community members who sometimes face violence merely because of their sexual orientation.

With that in mind, you have probably noticed subtle changes in GunNews content. It’s no accident. Non-traditional demographics are joining the white male Americans in buying guns in record numbers. Millions of non-white male non-gun owners have purchased their first firearms in 2020. Plenty more are flirting with joining the gun owner community. And we welcome them and we’re going to continue advocating for their right to self-defense as well.

It’s not surprising. While there’s no shortage of make-believe demagoguery out there about guns, not many Americans are truly stupid. Americans know that when a violent criminal appears, a gun in the hand beats a cop somewhere across town. Women and people of color want to protect themselves and their families just like the rest of Americans and they have voted with their wallets buying guns. And increasingly, LGBT community members are figuring out that armed gays don’t get bashed.

We welcome non-traditional demographics into the gun ownership community. After all, you deserve the right to self-defense just like everyone else.