One of Joe Biden’s “woke” US Army soldiers recently hopped onto the Tik Tok social media platform, while wearing her Army uniform, to issue some terroristic threats to her fellow Americans.

Staff Sergeant Cindy Rena Bronson from El Paso, TX explained that if she’s deployed within America, her weapon will be pointed at you. Furthermore, in her own words, “If you do not get into your house when I tell you to, YOU become the enemy.”

Here’s the video:


And here is the transcript from her short video:

Understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just pointed at other people… other countries. It’s pointed at YOU. If you do not get into your house when I tell you to, YOU become the enemy. Martial law.

Those are pretty tough talking words for an 88M MOS, or military-speak for an Army Motor Transport Operator.

And here’s one of her social media pages:

We’ll state the obvious: if a bunch of semi-literate third-world peasants in Afghanistan can go up against the US Government under Joe Biden, what does SSGT Bronson think will happen to her when she starts pointing her rifle at people who are a whole lot more skilled at shooting and fighting than her with the US of A?  Yes, under Joe Biden, the rules of engagement against people in flyover country would undoubtedly be much “looser” than when fighting against terrorists in Afghanistan.  We still have more guns and ammo though. 

4 thoughts on “DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: US Army SSGT issues terroristic threats against American citizens on TikTok”
  1. Is that a guy that looks like a girl or a “girl” attempting to be “masculine”? I know these days it is getting difficult to determine sexual differences but this little punk-boy looks like heshe would have a difficult time making it through basic training. Just sayin.

  2. Should I be worried about an M88 truck driver midget lesbo? Didn’t the Army bug out of Afghanistan and leave their weapons and armor behind? I’m more worried about Gen Woke Milly raping my dog. I’ll be watchin my six.

  3. I am getting on in years but I have already said I would give my right nutt for 5 mins to square this AA hire away. This POG sitting there in BDUs she has no real right to, talking about violating my Consitution. Army better clean its house. You notice it is no Marine because when you threaten American citizens, you threaten a Marine’s mama. The only things I love in this world are my God, My mama, my country, and my Corp.

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