How do you know if or when a second Civil War has arrived?

Here’s a spectrum of events to watch for as our existing cold civil war turns hot. Eventually, as the violence comes closer and closer to home, even the clueless will figure out CW2 has begun, at least regionally. But don’t expect the mainstream media giants to report on these unless it fits their narratives.

• When conservative leaders go missing or are arrested as part of a political witch hunt.

• When political assassinations begin to happen with regularity, regardless of the political attitudes of those killed. Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson tried to do this by assassinating the Republican Congressional charity softball team. He nearly succeeded, too.

• When media personalities begin meeting “untimely” deaths. These may be local or national.

• When significant numbers of first responders choose to stay home to protect their homes and families from civil unrest or criminal violence.

• When truck drivers don’t deliver to retailers and grocers because it’s unsafe.

• When local law enforcement agencies start setting up checkpoints or conducting house-to-house searches looking for guns.

• When a violent mob shows up at your home or business to “cancel” you with a personal touch.

If you see these things happening in your region, keep your head down and assume a defensive posture to avoid random political violence.

If attacked by angry mobs, you know what to do. But remember two things: you need a gun, lots of ammo in magazines.  Should you survive, you’ll need a lawyer legal team to successfully defend yourself.  Better have self-defense insurance, too.

Without a firearm, you’re at the mercy of violent attackers, particularly groups and younger, stronger aggressors. At the same time, an arrest and trial could bankrupt you if you don’t have legal defense insurance.

Another thing to remember: retreat looks really good to police, prosecutors and jurors.

One thought on “How do you know when civil unrest has become full-on civil war?”
  1. I hope everyone has stockpiled Food. If you can not afford dehydrated foods stuffs then look into the Old Mormons Basic #4 diet and add beans, rice, peas and corn.

    I also hope everyone is stockpiling medical supplies. Think about being able to deal with at least one trauma event for every member of your family. Currently we can buy suture, instruments, IV sets and more. If you Buy in bulk its more affordable than you may think.

    Finally; think about starting a 5-10 program. The militia calls this as a mini supply pod capable of outfitting 1 or 2 five man teams. This is the web gear and clothing that you need to survive.

    It all about logistics. If we have a collapse, what you have is what you have.

    So PLEASE do a search and do the best you can, while we still have a chance.

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