A group of concerned citizens have put together a “Back the Blue” rally for 10am, Saturday August 29th in Charleston, IL.  Meet at the Coles County Courthouse at 651 Jackson Ave. 

Bring your family, you flag and your appreciation for the men and women who stand between civil society and anarchy.

You have plenty of time to order yourself flags from Walmart.com or Amazon.com, so get on it today.

Because you never know when you’re going to need your local police to come to your aid.  Because sometimes a simple complaint escalates into vile threats…

…and 400+ people rallying past your home in a “parade”…

…because someone falsely accused you of racism.  (Police reports here.)

From their release:

What is our purpose?
We are coming together because we love our community.

We are proud to live in Charleston, Illinois, because it is a peaceful and safe place to live.  That is in large part due to the efforts of our families, our neighborhoods, our schools, our businesses, our churches, our leadership, our entire community supporting and working together with law enforcement and first responders.

We want to work with law enforcement to maintain this peace and safety.  We understand that, without law and order, we don’t have a community.

Police officers are an integral part of our community. They are our coaches, our neighbors, our mentors, our spiritual leaders. They have families. Our children play together.

Our police officers take very seriously the oath “to protect and serve” this community that we love.  So, the people of this community, want to come together today to say that we are proud to live here, and we pledge to continue to support and work together with law enforcement and first responders.  This is our duty, to maintain the civic pride that we all value in our community.

23 thoughts on “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE: ‘Back the Blue’ Rally in Charleston, IL – 10a August 29th”
  1. Let’s all have more rallying,for any cause, so the WUHAN VIRUS can spread faster! Don’t forget to inform the public, while boosting patriotism; that should get a good contamination field into play. WORD FOR THE DAY: “QUARANTINE”

    1. I’m proud that our GSL family and friends aren’t feeding the trolls.

      Yes, the China virus will strike you dead at a Back the Blue rally but it knows to stay away from causes, rallies, “peaceful protests” and mayhem at Black Lives Matter, Inc., and Antifa events.

      And it doesn’t do well near liquor or marijuana stores, but it’s known to impact churches like… well, Satan.

      Furthermore, it has a limited lifetime of danger… specifically into the first few days of November 2020.

  2. I bet there’s going to be a lot of those gang-affiliated, communistic, anti-American “blue line” flags there, eh?

    Burn ’em to the ground.

    1. Hmm, finally, a reasonable question! So, I’ll answer it.

      If even just 1% are crooked – that is, criminal – the other 99% are defensive of that, which makes them co-conspirators or, in the language of the law, equally criminally culpable.

      You’ve heard it since kindergarten……one bad apple spoils the whole damn bunch!

      If the MAJORITY allows the MINORITY to get away with MURDER, literally, and they all stand up for defacing, disrespecting and degrading the sacrosanct U.S. FLAG, then they are ALL BAD APPLES.

      Defacing the flag with a blue line tells me they value their blue GANG over the uniform or united states of America. That I cannot brook.

      Get it?

    2. IRONY: Finding THIS story:


      immediately after reading your comment and responding to it.

      How would you like to be on the “no buy” list because some COP somewhere didn’t like your point of view?

      Or how about that COP, COMEY, who single-handedly indicted our president and wasted THREE YEARS of this adminstration and TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

      Yeh, those’re “good” cops.

      Ya know what they say, “the only good cop…………”

    3. Perhaps you are right, dr.ken-ho, since you so strongly believe “the only good cop, …(is a dead cop?)” and that the 99% are crooked (criminal) and the 1% are criminal because they are “enablers”, why are you not out killing any and all cops to make them “good”? Why don’t you live what you preach, you hypocrite? Just remember, cops have firearms and know how to use them so they will probably shoot back.

    4. well, dr.ken-ho, why are you not out there with your Antifa “gang” associates killing the cops to “make them good cops” (aka: dead?)? Put all your hatred to “good” use and the integrity of your hateful beliefs? Hypocrite.

      If you are not going to put your hatred to “good” use you are nothing but a hateful “key-board commando” IDIOT.

    5. Son! You forget who you’re talking to!

      My family FOUNDED THIS NATION. I’m a Ronald Reagan CONSERVATIVE (in ALL-CAPS, son!).

      Antifa? Not my ilk.

      If you didn’t have your head so far up your stupid arse, you’d know me better than to associate me with that smelly herd simply because I hate crooked cops and those who defend them.

      Here’s your edification for the day: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=earning+the+hate

      There’s a REASON it’s called “earning the hate,” and not “serendipitously receiving hatred of the people!”

      Yeah, I hate ’em.

    6. I don’t believe you, dr.ken-ho, YOU ARE A LIAR, you and your hatred are aligned with Antifa. Deny it all you will, YOU are an instigator of the commie-rat Antifa/BLM communist agenda. Fess up you commie-rat enabling scum.

      I thought you stated long ago you were “leaving”, please, go away mad, hateful, and miserable, but JUST GO AWAY you rat scum assho.

    7. GSL: IF I ever used my actual NAME on this site, I’d sure your stupid dishonorable arse for defamation.

      You have literally NOTHING right about me.

      I tell you I’m a REAGAN CONSERVATIVE who hates dishonesty in the police, and you factually declare that I’ve instigated Antifa.

      You best check yourself before you wreck ya’self, as the kiddoes say.

      *still no apology from John Boch for calling the governor’s daughter a “thot” nor any blowback from you so-called “women” on this site. Shame on you all.

    8. STILL don’t believe you Kenny-boy dr.ho, so SURE me assho. J.Boch shouldn’t have to “apologize” for something he is not “guilty” of, the bimbo put the pictures up for the world to see, apparently she thinks she is “hot” enough to be lusted after on the internet, so SURE me, dim-wit.

      Thought you were leaving, LIAR, go away mad, stupid and mentally deficient, but please just GO AWAY, kenny-boy dr.ho p-hill

    9. Dim-wit Kenny-boy, just as you say the cope who are “crooked” (criminal) because they are “enablers” YOU are AN ENABLER for Antifa with your hatred you mental midget. What goes around comes back around, YOU are just as much an “enabler” for Antifa.

    10. So we’ve come full circle! Again! This is where I stepped in.

      GSL called me a “mental midget.”

      I’ll just remind you, I’m a doctor.

      You haven’t yet shared your C.V.! You drive truck? Mow lawns? Pour coffee! Good for you! Or are you a “cope?” Cope?

      Okay, we all have typos sometimes, but if you’re going to dish it out, fahg, you gotta take it! COPE’s don’t even have to have high school diplomas nowadays. They’re just getting DUMBER and DUMBER. DUMB cops, violent cops, and other cops defending the dumb, violent and corrupt ones!

      That’s a formula for success, for sure! (er, or did I mean to type “sue?”).

      If you haven’t had your daily dose of COPE ABUSE of First Amendment proponents, here ya go:


      And remember, Antifa suck arse! And I’m a Reagan CONSERVATIVE. There, did that get through your brick head? Nope.

    11. STILL do not believe you, Kenny-boy dr.ho, YOU ARE A LIAR, you have stated long ago you were LEAVING, so LEAVE.

      I do not care what you post, you are a LIAR, say you are a “doctor”, anyone can print anything on these posts, I do not have to confirm or deny who or what I have been, am, or what I want to be, do, or otherwise to a mental midget typing on the internet who “claims” to be a “doctor” while exhibiting mental instability with the posts presented.

      GO AWAY mad, imbecilic, unstable and hateful, but just GO AWAY, Kenny-boy dr.ho.

    12. …but but but…Antifa is doing YOUR bidding kenny-boy dr.peddy-file ho Arnold, why are you not praising them and giving them a “bounty” for every “good” cop they make out of a “bad” cop? I know what you probably want to give them for a bounty reward, fahgy-boy.

    1. So, Kenny-boy dr.ho is “driving his point home” into peddy-phill?, did you “lick it off” after he drove it home into your poop-shute?

      Oh, wait, Kenny-boy and peddy-phill are one and the same moron, they can only imagine fawking each other. ken “the Christian” might be disgusted, or is it disgusting? I say the latter to ALL of the “alter egos” of Kenny-boy dr.ho benny Arnold ancestor.

      Are ya gone yet Kenny-boy? (crickets chirping)

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