Unless you’re a really low-information voter, you probably know there’s an election coming up in about three months. This November, our election boils down to a contest between people who love America and people who hate America. Clearly, if you like guns and value your right to self-defense, you should vote early…in jurisdictions that make that possible.

Say what you want about them, but Donald Trump and many Republicans love America and what it stands for. They exhibit unapologetic patriotism. They celebrate our strengths and strive to improve upon our weaknesses. Most importantly for The People of the Gun, they recognize and support our right to own guns and use them responsibly, including for self-defense.

Joe Biden and many Democrats loathe America and what it stands for. They have a seething self-hatred of themselves and all things American. Illinois’ own Senator Tammy Duckworth called George Washington and Thomas Jefferson “traitors” earlier this month.

More and more Dems talk about the need to tear down our nation and rebuilding it from scratch. They call for “fundamental transformation.” Much of America could look like Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP/Antifastan if they win power. Or maybe it will look like Venezuela. But one thing is for sure…it won’t look like the America you grew up in and called home.

Most importantly for gun owners: the left will ban guns and confiscate many of those already owned. They’ve pledged repeatedly to do just that. Many times, in fact. Not only that, but they will prosecute you for defending yourself, your family and your home.

Even worse, they will continue to nurture the “cancel culture” climate where they try to destroy people who dare to disagree with them. If they win, they will hunt “deplorables” down in the streets, at workplaces and in their homes.

This fall’s election comes down to this: one side loves America, the other side hates America and they want to replace it with something that’s unrecognizable to our nation’s founding. And they want to punish those folks who voted for Donald Trump.

You can bet that good guys with guns will not have a part of the Democrats’ new “social justice” nation if they win this fall. You should vote your gun rights as if your life depends upon it. Because it just may.

9 thoughts on “THIS NOVEMBER’S ELECTION: People who LOVE America vs. People who LOATHE America”
  1. The evil we are dealing with is insane.

    This video is from the inventor of the Rt-PCR test.

  2. “Unless you’re a really low-information voter, you probably know there’s an election coming up in about three months.”

    Illinois has a history of these, if we didn’t the state would not be in the shape it is. In 1986 Jim Thompson ran against Adlai Stevenson but the Lt. governor was a LaRouche candidate. Stevenson would not accept this (Hillary and the democrats anyone) so he formed a new party the “Solidarity Party.” There was NO democratic candidate for Governor, only a blank space. The blank space got 208,230 votes.

  3. We shall never forget the support Trump has shown for our beloved Second Amendment, by instituting the “Bump Stock Ban” (which turned law abiding citizens into criminals overnight). Yet, lest we forget how Trump got the “Red Flag” laws established, in order to kill honest citizens (Gary Willis, Ferndale, Maryland) at anyone’s whim, at anytime. I support Jim Brown’s idea, and VOTE for the BLANK SPACE.

    1. Last time I checked, bump stocks aren’t firearms.

      Trump has opposed Red Flag orders that have any firearm confiscation without due process.

      C’mon Phil.


    2. Donald Trump, so eloquently said to Dianne Feinstein: “First we TAKE the guns, then we give them “Due Process”! In the great immortal words of John Belushi: “Wise up”!

  4. Voting for the blank space is not my idea but if that is what you want to do then Biden is your man. If you think so much of bump stocks that is fine, I consider them pretty much a toy. I don’t normally believe in giving up anything but that is not the hill I am willing to die on. Jim.

    1. I’m with you, Jim, how can you actually hit your target using a “bump stock”, a pure waste of ammunition to just spray a lot of lead downrange.

      Slow Joe has declared he will appoint idiot Peter puffer butt-plug to confiscate all AR-15’s, do you think he will stop confiscating at just those firearms? Not me.

  5. The choice is simply. However I haven’t seen any of the issues we care about addressed. He did issue a bump stock ban.
    So yes I will vote for him as Uncle Joe is far worse. Just saying national carry would be nice. Deregulation of suppressors would be nice. How about we move our goal post forward? Just say.

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