We regretfully announce that the GSL Chicagoland meeting will not take place this Sunday.

DA’s Deli and Dining in Orland Park looks like another casualty of the China flu.  Their facility there remains closed, and as such, unavailable to us to host our meeting.

We worked with the owners of DA’s on the potential of conducting this weekend’s meeting right up until now.

Our delightful Chicagoland Regional Director Alfreda Keith Keller (pictured above and below on the right) is working on identifying an alternate location to hold our meetings.  We remain hopeful (wishful) that DA’s reopens there in Orland.  At the same time we’re exploring options if it doesn’t.

Furthermore, we have some folks on the near Northwest side contemplating creation of a new GSL monthly meeting location.  We don’t want to give too much away at this time, but we’re optimistic we may bring on a new location soon.

All the best.  Stay safe and healthy!

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