Peoria residents will host a rally supporting police on Saturday, August 15th starting at 10am at Liberty Park in Peoria.

More about the rally from the Facebook page:

We are not excusing or supporting the officers or departments that are guilty of criminal misconduct. Infrastructure investigations and reform need to happen within some of our police departments. However, the many are paying for the few right now. Our civil servants here in Peoria and nationwide are being profiled, attacked and vilified without provocation. Our officers and first responders sacrifice their personal lives and safety for us every day. They are hardworking, dedicated, honest, GOOD people and the voices of protestors should not be the only ones they hear. Come show our men and women in blue that they are supported, appreciated, and much needed.
This is a one mile march. Meet at Liberty Park next to the old Hooters building. We will proceed down Water Street, up State and stop in front of the police department to make some noise and show our support. The march will continue down to Washington Street, up Main concluding at the Courthouse Square.
Keynote Speaker: Allison Salinas Candidate for US Senate 2022
Additional Speakers: Paul Durr & Pete Papadoulis
26 thoughts on “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE: Peoria ‘Back the Blue’ rally Saturday at Liberty Park at 10am.”
  1. Is it true that everyone attending the rally, will receive a “participation” trophy of COVID19?

    1. No, they probably won’t wear masks and risk getting a MRSA infection on their face.

      I’ll take a chance at catching the flu over a MRSA infection any day and twice on Sunday. You’re welcome to cling to the junk science from political scientist Fauci though.

    2. We’ll just call it a “protest”, there is no chance that Corona will show up. don-cha know p-hill?

    1. Thought you were “leaving” dr.ken-ho, you scumbag assho liar. ZGZo enable your Antifa “gang”, scum.

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    3. GSL+1589: You are taking this the wrong way. I’m not insulting you, I am describing you! 😉

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  2. doan’ like the polees? replace them with a mess of communist unarmed negotiating transit(s) – see how well that works 4u.

    1. Even the great Massad Ayoob distanced himself from jboch’s “six seconds to safety” fanny pack carry fiasco!

    1. You just don’t get it. Every taxpayer shells out of one pocket for Po-Lice pay & pension, and the other pocket is reserved for tickets & violations. I hope this helps….

  3. No man/institution on this earth is perfect. We/they are all flawed.

    Let’s strive for the best we can be and support those who risk their lives helping to support our efforts.

    1. If I take a “Sharpie” marker and place a tic-tac-toe sign on our American Flag, people would label me a criminal for desecration; however, when a blue line is used to desecrate the flag, those individuals are called “heroes”! Funny old world, ain’t it? Like Dan said, nothing is perfect.

    2. p-hill, Kenny-boy dr.ho “Arnold”,
      the “Blue Lives Matter” flag is black, white and a blue stripe, it is NOT an American flag with a blue stripe, you mental midgets. No American flag “desecrated” morons.

      The black and white background designates a police cruiser of old, the blue, uniforms.

    3. What I don’t understand is, in this country that my family founded, how we’ve gone from self-sufficiency to utter WORSHIP of animals that should be exterminated. See, e.g.:

      This piglet absolutely BATTERED the victim. THe alleged crime? Open alcohol container in public! I’m aghast at this!

      And Phil’s right. Bastardization of the flag is a federal crime. But the cops do it and they’re glorified for it?

      I ask “how much worse can it get?” and I know the answer to that: IT can, and will, get worse, but the cops are the PROBLEM, not the solution.

      Oh, and GSL? You can keep your idiot opinions to yourself. You’re starting to sound a lot like creepy, touchy-feely, ol’ Uncle Joe, and I’m not letting you anywhere near my young kids!

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  4. Golly Ken, you used common sense, logic, and reason to disarm GSL+1589 of all his brain cells, except for two (one brain cell is in a wheel chair; the other is pushing)! It’s bright and early Monday (8/17), and jboch hasn’t covered over GSL+1589’S psychotic rants with three stories about how successful the Peoria “Back the Blue” rally turned out…internet pictures are showing at least 15 in attendance. Oh well, let’s start off this week with a GSL HIGHWAY SIGN for GSL+1589:





    … have a great week!

    1. Kenny-boy dr.ho “Arnold” peddy-file Antifa enabling scum,
      your mentally deficient psyco alter-“ego” p-hill is just as much of a mental midget as you are. At least there were not 15 “haters” at the Peoria “Back the Blue” rally.

      “even when there are 2 gathered in my name…there is goodness”

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