Joe Biden’s campaign bus breaking down in recent days is perfectly illustrative of the former Vice-President’s campaign for the nomination for the 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination.   While countless polls have cast him as a front-runner for months now, I recall back four years ago when all the polls said low-energy JEB! was a shoe-in for the Republicans.  And we know how that worked out for Jeb.  And America.

Speaking of four years ago, recall the issues the conservatives had with “Establishment Republicans” talking a good game, but thwarting conservative values when it comes to taking action.  Like on gun rights.  Recall that?

This time around, it’s the Dem’s turn.

The Establishment Democrats don’t want crazy commie Bernie to be their nominee.  This despite his appeal to the hard-left radicals out there.  Yes, the charismatic Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have quite a following.  But their followers won’t win the White House.

While Omar and AOC won’t win America’s heartland, they are making an impact.  Their high-profile work is pulling Democrats radically left nationally.  How?  Pragmatic everyday Democrats have moved left to hopefully stem primary challengers from the hard left of AOC and Bernie.

This applies not only to Congresscritters, but also state political leaders and reps as well.  Even ones who steal merchandise from charity thrift stores.  Or who wear wires to cooperate with federal prosecutors in corruption cases.

Here in Illinois, there are sizeable number of Democrat incumbents facing meaningful primary challenges… and they are all from well-financed (often from out of state money) hard-left candidates.

Looking to the presidential race…

Today’s New Hampshire primary is a whole lot more instructive than last week’s Iowa caucus fiasco.  At the same time, it won’t kill any campaigns.  Having said that, a poor showing in Iowa and then New Hampshire will kill fundraising for campaigns that do poorly.  And that is ultimately a mortal wound for all but self-funded billionaires.

No, it’s Super Tuesday in March than will put nails in campaign coffins.

In the meantime, as a gun rights activist, I give you predictions from New Hampshire:

The overall “winner” even if he doesn’t get the most votes:  The rabidly gun-hating Mini-Mike Bloomberg.  As the Establishment’s primary candidate (they approved his late entry, of course, thanks to millions in gifts), will win this if he finishes in the top three.

If he finishes #2 tonight, he will be the real winner in terms of his last-minute entry into the race as almost instantly a top-tier candidate.  No doubt much to the anger-filled glares of those who have worked their butts off campaigning for the last six months.

Mini Mike may need to stand on a milk crate to see eye-to-eye with his supporters, but he’s got a lot more than thirty pieces of silver to sell himself to the low-information voters.  I predicted back in November that Mini-Mike would rise to the top and he’s almost there.

Biden:  His goose is cooked.  While gun control might be popular on Twitter, and in urban centers, in the real world it doesn’t play in Peoria.  True enough, gun control’s message hasn’t played any better for crazy Uncle Joe than it did for the pretend Hispanic from Texas Robert Francis O’Rourke.

Yes, Biden’s done.  He just doesn’t know it yet.  His fundraising will collapse as he’s served his role as the establishment’s magnet to keep your father’s Democrats someone to vote for instead of crazy commie Bernie.  But now that moneybags Bloomberg has joined the race, Tom Perez and crew don’t need the crazy Uncle Joe any more.  Especially with the endless scandals surrounding his family and gaffs coming from his piehole.

Warren:  She’s done too.  Her woke-scolding has never impressed anyone except Greta Thunberg.  She can’t tell the truth about anything, including her heritage, her life’s history (lie, lie, lie), or anything else.  Unlike Yang, she’s not good at math and has never really tried.

Mayor Pete:  His sell-by date is rapidly approaching.  He does horribly among minorities.  His own city was (and remains) a crime-ridden, run-down city with few employment opportunities, bad government schools and poor housing.  In general, South Bend, IN stands as a dysfunctional mess in a state that’s roaring economically.  Voters who research Pete quickly find that he did nothing substantive to fix his city.  He just talked.

Klobuchar:  On the radio this morning, the mainstream media clowns touted Special Amy K as a darkhorse surprise winner today.  She’s the most “mainstream” they say.  Haha.  Nope.  She’s going to be a loser.  She’s done.  At best, she’s running for Secretary of Something if by some miracle Bloomberg or Sanders beats Trump in November.

Yang:  LOL.  He claims he’s good at math, playing on the stereotype perhaps that Asians excel at math.  And while he might be good at math, he snoozed through history classes or he would know that socialism and communism fail every time.  Well, we shall soon see just how math-smart he is because after the votes are counted tonight, he should be able to do the math and formally quit.

Steyer:  Tom Steyer’s wealth has made him such a dis-likable person that even a couple of hundred million dollars in commercials can’t buy him the time of day in Iowa or New Hampshire.  He’s done.  Unless he wants to spend more for the sake of vanity.  Which, for a complete narcissist, isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

Sanders: Sanders knows the deck is stacked against him.  The establishment doesn’t want him.  They aren’t going to let him have the nomination this time any more than last time.  But he goes through the motions because he knows there will be a big payout for him to gracefully exit at the appropriate time, just as he did in 2016.

I still think that Michelle Obama may come out of the shadows to take the nomination at a brokered convention.  Or, in a bigger long-shot, Hillary.  Either of these two might provide a real race at the national level.

Either way, judging by the massive rallies by people waiting a day or two in inclement weather just to see President Trump speak, Trump will win in November by a veritable landslide.

The Dems can’t fill a garage full of people.  Or even a high school gym.

In fact, a some venues, the media come close to outnumbering voters showing up to hear these people.  Heck, Elizabeth Warren couldn’t even get people to look up from their breakfasts at a New Hampshire diner in recent days.

In other words, generally speaking, the future for gun rights remains bright for all Americans.  Even those who may not support them currently, but who might want them very badly at a future date.

9 thoughts on “Democrats Implode: Biden, Warren done. Bloomberg rises.”
    1. but, but , but …its so much fun when they think they are the “elite” but they are sooooo mentally deficient~!

      Biden = dementia extraordinaire (as well as Nanzi Pilousey!)

      Sanders = mega-rich hard-core communist that doesn’t want anyone else to be rich.

  1. Ha, Ha, Ha…I am enjoying watching what is a rather entertaining spectacle of crap…

    If Bernie doesnt get the nomination, will there be a 3rd party emerge? The Dem Socialists (Ok, communists – doesnt work)

  2. This whole government has lost its moral authority.

    The Democrats have failed us, the republicans have failed us, and Trump has failed us.

    The borders are still open, gun laws are still being passed at the state level, and Health care is still in shambles.

    1. Amen… on
      People don’t want to talk about the FACT that more gun laws/anti constitutional laws have been passed under Trump than under Obama. I never liked or supported Obama ……. Just saying we are being FAILED hardcore.

    2. President Trump cannot control the anti-gun laws proposed or passed in the different states. Thankfully he is appointing appellate judges that conform to Constitutional norms and appeals to the courts will reveal the unconstitutional laws to hopefully be overturned. He has even upset the mega-liberal 9th circuit with more centrist or right-leaning judges.

      The southern border wall is being built with more enforcement of illegal invaders sent back with Mexico helping to dissuade the “caravans” trying to get through to our southern border.

      I believe he will confront the problems with health care / coverage soon as well. Imagine, if you will, if the corruptocrat/democrats lost the House and he had congress-critters that would actually work with him to better our country.

    3. That’s right. Do they expect everything to change from negative to positive overnight? Trump is, for the most part, keeping his promises. For things that may not have been done yet, or are moving more slowly than you might like- he still has to work with all the government entities and people that have been there for years, if not decades, and are working against him.

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