Take exactly one minute to watch this video produced by our friends at Virginia Citizens Defense League.  Phil Van Cleave, the VCDL’s lead cook and bottle washer is a big fan of Guns Save Life and I’m pretty sure he won’t mind us highlighting their great production.

Meanwhile, David Hogg might think that blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ… and “non-binary” people fought for gun control “centuries ago.”

David Hogg obviously failed his history class.  And clearly he’s not doing so well at whatever Ivy League “school” he’s currently attending.  The groups Hogg cited weren’t in history books for promoting gun control.  Because gun control was passed to keep them disarmed so the Klan and other bigots could oppress them without worrying about black men and women protecting their families with firearms.

One thought on “TRUTH: The Racist Roots of Gun Control… VCDL minute-long video”
  1. David “camera” Hogg, poor little mental midget, life is tough, but it is even tougher when you are sooooo stupid.

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