Bernie Sanders has won in Nevada.  And it wasn’t even close.  As of this writing, he has THREE TIMES the votes as the next closest candidate, Mr. Hair Sniffer Joe Biden. 

Democrats in America, at least the politically active ones, have increasingly embraced the 78-year-old white guy with a bad ticker as their nominee for this year’s presidential race.

And that has left a lot of everyday Americans who have identified with the Democrat party in a quandary.   These folks have basically have three choices.

They can do the lazy thing and just stay home in their respective states’ primaries.

They can vote for their party’s avowed, hard-left Socialist leader who wants to unwind everything Donald Trump has done to make America’s economy roar.

Or they can vote for someone else like Michael Bloomberg who pollsters tell us all that he’s rising in the polls, yet he has yet to even appear on a ballot anywhere or gain a caucus vote.  And that’s with nearly $500million in campaign spending already.

Let’s see how thing shake out in a couple of weeks on Super Tuesday.  It might mean that Bernie will have an insurmountable lead after Super Tuesday.  Time will tell.

Supporters of gun rights can look forward to another race about 40 years ago the way these candidates and their positions are stacking up. 


Actually, it might be even worse, given that Reagan and Carter were “moderates” in their respective parties than today’s Trump and Bernie.

7 thoughts on “Democrat Presidential Nomination Update: Crazy Bernie sweeps Nevada.”
  1. Will Bernie rename the party to the “National Socialist Party”?
    I hope the enough people know of that name and party of over 80 years ago and will never stand for it.

  2. If old three house Burnie wins the nomination, DJT will crush him in both the debates and the election.

  3. This guy needs to have the Big One very soon. What an angry old man. If you looked up PUTZ in the dictionary there would be his picture.

  4. Antifa will be in the streets win or lose. Predict a very violent response to his loss. The beginning of four years of revolution from the extreme left. The Democratic will spot into to factions.

  5. A three party system is one election away. There will be a Socialists party formed after this coming beat down.

    1. Bob, you may be right. Or at least the existing socialist party will get a YUGE boost.

      After all, I think true believers of socialism/communism/social revolution should have their own party and campaign on their philosophy’s merits.


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