Last week, Project Veritas released a series of undercover videos showing Kyle Jurek, a paid staffer for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa, calling for the creation of gulags and violence against Trump supporters – and by extension gun owners – and some Democrats.

Now, another paid Bernie staffer has called for more the same revolutionary violence against political opponents and death to the rich.

Martin Weissgerber, a field organizer for the Sanders campaign in South Carolina, wants to see “reeducation camps” of those who don’t support the Vermont socialist. And he has a special plan for the wealthy, too.

Here’s another photo of him.  Not sure if it’s from his Grindr account or his Tinder account.  From Twitter.  Obviously he’s spent a lot of time in the gym.

Here’s another.

A real charmer.  And he likes…  Re-education camps.

But not prisons.

Think about that for a minute or three.

Guillotine the rich,” he told an undercover Project Veritas reporter. He sounds like a certifiable fan boy of Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot.

[Editor’s note:  You need directions to my house to implement your plan, Martin?  Cause me and my little friend might not roll over like friendly puppies at your plans!]

Here are highlights of Weissgerber’s enlightened world view.

Furthermore, he wants to use what he believes is “the most badass, effective gun in the world” to carry out his hoped-for political violence: the AK-47.

[Clearly he has lot of experience at shooting the world’s guns.]

After all, what would a young radical carry besides an AK? Mr. Wiessgerber is such an AK fan that he wants to get one tattooed on his body.

His words from the video: “Leave it to the Soviets to make the most badass f******, most effective gun in the world. The AK-47. The destroyer of imperialism and colonization. That’s why I want to get it tattooed on me.”

“I’ll straight up get armed. I want to learn how to shoot and go train. I’m ready for the f****** revolution, bro,” he said on tape.

And then he’s going to use his rifle to subjugate the rest of us who already have guns and know how to use them, but disagree with his brand of politics. Yeah, that should be fun.

[Bro, I beg of you:  start with us!]

Here’s a longer version:

One can’t help but think this is just a bunch of dorm room-style philosophical bloviation by a keyboard warrior out for a cheap beer with some fellow travelers. But you never know. Clearly James Hodgkinson, another Bernie bro radical, was more than just revolutionary talk when he drove to Washington and tried to assassinate the Republican charity baseball team.

I have little doubt Mr. Weissgerber could find himself an AK-pattern rifle in most of America. The gun, after all, was built for illiterate peasants to use, so even Weissgerber should be able to make it go bang, despite all the time apparently spent in college studying the failed Soviet Union instead of, well, dating. Or maybe he studied the Soviets in an effort to score with like-minded girls enamored with the gulag lifestyle.  Despite how few and far between that particular subset of trashy but easy women might exist.

Either way, about the first time our young hot-shot tried to use that rifle to affect his brand of revolutionary political violence, I can’t help but think some old guy with a carry gun would put him down faster than a rabid dog. Or a Texas Church killer.


Let’s hope we never find out.

Because Martin might get lucky with that first shot.

Assuming he doesn’t shoot himself in the foot before he executes his commie fantasies.

5 thoughts on “Sanders Staffer Wants an AK-47 (and Matching Tattoo) to Subjugate Those Who Don’t Support Bernie”
  1. Martin may be a danger to himself or others. A future “red-flag” protection order candidate, me thinks.

  2. Typical A-s-s Wipe democrat that spent to much time in his moms basement and has never had a woman. (not that any would want him)

    P>S> I personally know of “NO” gun owner that would talk and act like this clown.

  3. How about someone make a red flag complaint against him? If he already has a gun, it would remove it. If not, it might prevent him from getting any.

  4. Apparently he’s off his meds again….bless his heart. I mean, political re-education camps?? That’s soooo Democommunist Party.

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