The U.S. Air Force has followed the Army in adopting the SIG M18 handgun, based upon SIG's very popular P320 modular handgun system. And now, the USAF has begun issuing the new handgun to some of its personnel.

Here's the news, directly from the U.S. Air Force website:

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas (AFNS) The Air Force Security Forces Center, in partnership with the Air Force Small Arms Program Office, has begun fielding the new M18 SIG Sauer Modular Handgun System to security forces units as part of the Reconstitute Defender Initiative and its effort to modernize weapon systems and increase warfighter lethality.

Image via U.S. Air Force.

The M18 replaces the M9 Beretta, which has been in use for more than 30 years. This new weapons system is also projected to replace the M11-A1 Compact used by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the U.S. Army M15 General Officer pistol used for military working dog training.

The modular design of the M18 provides improved ergonomics, target acquisition, reliability and durability to increase shooter lethality.

A key benefit of the M18 is that it can be customized to individual shooters with small, medium or large handgrips.

“This is going to help shooters with smaller hands. It also has a much smoother trigger pull, leading to a more accurate, lethal shooter,” said Staff Sgt. Richard Maner, 37th Training Support Squadron armory noncommissioned officer in charge at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, who had an opportunity to test the weapon. “The M18 is a smaller platform weapon, but it gives the shooter more capabilities over the bulkier, larger M9 pistol.”

Besides being rugged and reliable, the Beretta 92, aka the Beretta M9, was known for its heft and girth. SIG's modular inter-changeability make the gun significantly more adaptable to a variety of shooters and situations. The swappable frames allow those with petite hands, as well as bear-like paws to utilize a grip that will give each of them better control and, as a result, better accuracy.

Meanwhile, the Russians announced their new military pistol in recent months. And unlike the Americans' SIG SAUER M18 built to help Americans maximize their handgun shooting skills, the new Russian "Boa Constrictor" has a single grip and double-action only trigger. But the Russkies let us know that their new pistol will pierce Reynolds Wrap heavy duty aluminum armor at 100 yards. Assuming their soldiers can hit a man-sized target at that range.



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  1. What I'm wating to find out, is what are they going to do with all the M9's they'll have laying around.  It's still a great gun!  I want one!


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