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Nye County, Nevada Sheriff Sharon Wehrly doesn't believe that the state can ban the sale of firearms between residents. In recent days, she announced she will not enforce Nevada's new "universal background check" law, which really means a ban on the selling of guns between citizens.

That, of course, has sent Nevada's Democrats into a bottom-lip quivering, foot-stamping, pearl-clutching conniption fit.

Sheriff Wehrly told Gov. Steve Sisolak that, "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." CBS Las Vegas/Las Vegas Now has this story.

The controversy continues weeks after Governor Steve Sisolak, D-Nev. signed a bill requiring background checks on most private party gun sales. However, Nye County's sheriff said Thursday that she will not enforce the Senate Bill 143 when it takes effect in about 10 years.

Actually, it doesn't take effect until January 2020, about ten months from now.

Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly sent a letter to Governor Sisolak saying in part:

"As sheriff of Nye County, I agree with Sheriff Watts: I will not participate in the enforcement of this new law…"

Here's her letter:

Courtesy Nye County Sheriff

The reaction from the anti-gun left? Prety much what you'd expect.

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress (motto: We fight the right in Nevada) had this to say to CBS Las Vegas:

"I think that's hilarious, and they're going to enforce it eventually. We'll take it to the courts, that's fine, but at the end of the day, it's going to get enforced, whether they like it or not."

Given how a county sheriff stands as the highest law enforcement officer in any given county in the state, one might refer to Ms. Magnus as "all hat and no cattle."

KSNV, another local media outlet, described Sheriff Wehrly's announcement this way:

The gun background check bill signed into law by Governor Sisolak last month has been a hot topic in Nevada, and now one sheriff says she won't participate in enforcing it.

Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly announced on Thursday that she considers the new law, which seeks to prevent gun buyers from avoiding background checks by obtaining weapons through unlicensed sellers, violates the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

So selling a gun to a buddy has suddenly become "avoiding background checks by obtaining weapons through unlicensed sellers?" Wow.

It surely bedevils gun control advocates when counties refuse to enforce or prosecute unconstitutional gun control laws against law-abiding Americans, while at the same time, their fellow leftists offer sanctuary to illegal aliens who committing immigration fraud, tax fraud, identify fraud, employment fraud and ignore deportation orders.

7 thoughts on “Nye County NV Sheriff Tells Governor to Pound Sand Over Latest Gun Control Edict”
  1. A standing ovation and a round of applause for this sheriff.  She is right on. I wish she were in Illinois.  Thank you for standing up for lawful gun owners and law abiding citizens who enjoy the sport and protection of owning firearms.

  2. Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly, you keep protecting your people and if I am ever in your area, I will do whatever it takes to protect you!


    Semper Fidelis, Gregory Romeu

  3. GSL. ISRA, and CCI should be sending copies of these letters from several states to the Illinois Sheriff's Association as well as individual Sheriffs for them to consider. As I understand it, this has happened in Washington, Oregon, Colorado as well as Nevada.

  4. Rural County sheriffs know their people will not stand for Bolshevik gun control so they are distancing themselves from these laws to protect their departments.

    Many county sheriffs are claiming they will not support the new gun control laws, but they are not saying they will stop the law from being enforced by others

  5. Fifty seven counties in Illinois are gun sanctuary counties.  Local LEO's I talk to have more important things to do than persecute gun owners for stupid gun laws.   

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